NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 3 - 1
Futami: I went outside for a change of pace, but I feel bored since there’s nothing to do.
Futami: There’s not a single person here now that I’m at the park…….. I guess I’ll rest in the shade of the trees……
Futami: I’m so tired. Inhale, exhale……
Futami: Haha…… What am I doing?
Futami: (Issei got mad at me, Takamichi is disgusted, and now I’m depressed about what the iKids Haruto-kun said…… I’m pathetic, really.)
Futami: (When did I become an adult like this…….. I feel like I wasn’t like this before……)
Futami: This place is kinda warm, it feels nice. It makes me feel sleepy——
Futami: (Whatever. I’ll just take a short nap.)
Futami: ……Zzz
Issei: What? You ran away from home?
Futami: I-I didn’t run away from home! I decided to live alone to be more independent!
Takamichi: But someone as untidy as you are would make it impossible to live by yourself?
Futami: No no, you don’t know if you don’t try right?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 3 - 2
Issei & Takamichi: No, it’s impossible.
Futami: So mean!
Issei: It can’t be helped that we think that way……. So, did you find employment yet?
Futami: Huh? What employment?
Takamichi: What do you mean what? If you’re living by yourself, what are you going to do about rent?
Futami: F-For the time being, I was thinking of getting by on the allowance that I saved up from a long time ago~
Futami: The apartment rent is cheap, so I’ll think about what to do step by step later~
Issei & Takamichi: ………………
Futami: W-What? Why are you looking at me with those pitiful eyes?
Issei & Takamichi: ………………
Futami: D-Don’t stay silent like this you two~
Issei & Takamichi: It’s the birth of a NEET.
Futami: Stop harmonizing like that!
Issei: Since NEET Futami is so pitiful, I’ll come over to visit sometime……
Takamichi: Do you want to be employed by my family instead? As my personal butler?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 3 - 3
Issei: Oh, that sounds good. We’ll work you extra hard whenever I come over.
Futami: I don’t want that at all!
Issei: Well, whatever. Now it’ll be easy to go over to Futami’s place.
Takamichi: Right. All your family members seem really uptight so it was hard to come over to visit.
Issei: I’ll make you handmade soba to celebrate your change of residence.
Takamichi: Well, I can rest assured if Issei’s the one making it……
Issei: Hm? There’s no way I would make you guys make it right? Good grief, why can none of this group cook except for me……
Takamichi: Ha. That is because we are people of high class——
Issei: You’re annoying, shut up.
Takamichi: ~~! You didn’t have to hit me!
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 3 - 4
Issei: Yeah yeah.
Futami: …………Ha!
Futami: Hahaha!
Issei: Why are you laughing out of nowhere? Did you hit your head or something?
Futami: No……! Sorry sorry. I just felt really happy.
Futami: (I’m so glad that these two are here with me……)
Futami: Well then, come and visit sometime♪ I’ll show you my Nama-chan collection~
Issei: Should I sell them all?
Takamichi: I don’t think they would be worth too much you know?
Issei: You have a point……
Futami: You two are so mean!?
Futami: (The three of us always hung out, and although I had no other friends, I was happy that I had the two of them……)
Futami: (Other than them, it’s only her that’s been together with me since our high school years.)
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 3 - 5
Futami: (I caused her so much trouble back then, but to think that I could be together with her like this…… To be blunt, it makes me really happy!)
Futami: (Soon after that, Issei and Takamichi were scouted by the Principal and forcibly took me along with them, and that’s when I became an idol.)
Futami: (Since I got to meet her again, it turned out alright in the end!)
Futami: (It’s pleasant and warming being with Issei and Takamichi……)
Futami: (Even now, it’s pleasant being with them…… Hm? It actually does feel kind of warm……)
Futami: Hm…… Yawn…… I slept well……
Mutsuki: Zzz…… Zzz……
Muto Taichi: Zzz…… Zzz……
Futami: Eh!? Why are these two kids sleeping on either side of me~!!


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