NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 4 - 1
Futami: Hey Mutsuki-kun! Wake up already!
Mutsuki: Hm…… Yawn……
Mutsuki: I was having such a nice nap~…… Why did you wake me up~?
Futami: Don’t say that! Good grief, why are you sleeping beside me? And on top of that……
Muto Taichi: Zzz…… Zzz……
Futami: What is an iKids doing here too……
Mutsuki: Hm? Taichi-kun wasn’t here when I fell asleep you know?
Mutsuki: He probably slept by your side since NEET and I looked like we were sleeping so peacefully~
Futami: I-I see?
Mutsuki: Yeah, that’s what I think~
Futami: Haha. Mutsuki-kun goes about doing things at his own pace and is even more carefree than I am. I’m surprised that you’ve lasted in the entertainment industry for so long…….
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 4 - 2
Mutsuki: It’s fine! For me, if that’s where Satsuki is, I have the resolution to do anything needed to survive no matter what happens, ehehe!
Futami: Haha, you have some amazing confidence…… Don’t you think that you only became an idol because Satsuki-kun is there?
Mutsuki: I did of course? It’s because Satsuki is there.
Futami: No, I’m asking you yourself Mutsuki-kun?
Mutsuki: I’m telling you that the things that Satsuki wants to do are also my dreams.
Mutsuki: When I was younger, my body was so weak that I couldn’t really go outside.
Mutsuki: Since he was worried about me, his brother, Satsuki always stayed by my side.
Mutsuki: That’s why I’ve always thought this. When my body is healthier, I want to make Satsuki’s desires come true.
Mutsuki: Then Satsuki told me ‘Let’s become idols together.’ That’s why I will become an idol with Satsuki.
Mutsuki: When Satsuki’s desires are fulfilled, it means that my dream will come true~
Futami: B-But, what are you going to do after when his dream to become an idol comes true?
Mutsuki: Eh. I don’t know since we’re really desperate to make our current dream come true. But as long as we keep going forward, don’t you think we’ll find another?
Futami: As long as we keep going forward……
Mutsuki: I said so earlier, but since I had a weak constitution, I didn’t get the chance to experience so many things that others had~
Mutsuki: Because of that, it can’t be helped that it will take me longer to find a dream, so wouldn’t it be fine if I search for one from now on?
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 4 - 3
Mutsuki: Finding something that you want to do doesn’t mean that the one who finds one first wins, you know?
Mutsuki: It doesn’t mean that you can only have one dream either, since there’s no rule that you can’t have many dreams!
Mutsuki: So that’s why Futami doesn’t need to hurry to find a dream right?
Futami: !?
Inami Haruto: Even if you ask me why, it’s not like you need to have only one dream, right?
Futami: I give up…… The kids of the current generation are so level-headed compared to me.
Mutsuki: If NEET continues going forward, I think you’ll probably find many dreams?
Futami: Haha! Thanks, I feel much better now~. But first of all, call me by my name like you did earlier!
Mutsuki: Eh~, I don’t know what you’re saying. NEET is NEET right?
Futami: Good grief……. You’re similar to your brother since you are both mischievous kids. As I would expect of twins.
Futami: That’s right, you and Satsuki-kun are twins. I’m convinced that Mutsuki-kun is the big brother after your talk today.
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 4 - 4
Mutsuki: Yeah! I’m the big brother. Satsuki is my cute cute little brother.
Futami: You two get along so well~. I have siblings too, a big brother, but we’re the total opposite……
Mutsuki: ……You don’t get along?
Futami: It’s not that we don’t get along, but more simply that our personalities don’t mix.
Futami: Bro is serious and I’m not. Since we’re complete opposites, Bro is always lecturing me.
Mutsuki: Hmm……. I don’t know about NEET, but NEET’s brother seems to really like you.
Futami: ……Were you listening to what I was saying?
Mutsuki: Yeah! I listened and then gave a reply.
Mutsuki: He’s probably worried about NEET. If he wasn’t, he wouldn’t lecture you.
Mutsuki: I’m always told by the Producer ’Don’t sleep in places like this’~ but she only said that because she was worried about me you know?
Futami: ! ……That’s right.
Futami: (She’s always nagging at my habit of being late, but that’s because she’s worried about me.)
NEET Futami no buraritabi Chapter 4 - 5
Futami: (Even Issei and Takamichi do…… Since they know me so well, they gave me time to think by myself.)
Futami: Mutsuki-kun, thanks for all the advice.
Mutsuki: Ehehe~. I don’t really understand, but I’ll take the praise!
Futami: By the way——
Futami: Why do you call me NEET?
Mutsuki: Eh? You’re a NEET right? Producer, Issei-kun, and Takamichi-kun said that you know?
Futami: Those people…… What are they teaching the young kids!


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