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NEET Futami no buraritabi chapter 5 - 1
Takamichi: ……Where is Futami?
Issei: Ah? If Futami’s the one who called us out, why isn’t he here?
Takamichi: Since it’s him, and he doesn’t usually call us out, we ended up coming, but……
Futami: Oh~? You two are already here?
Takamichi: Futami! Why are you so carefree when you’re the one who called us out—— Wait, what are you doing wearing your stage outfit?
Issei: Did even your brain finally become strange?
Futami: Wrong, wrong! I invited the both of you today to show my seriousness in today’s limited time special performance!
Issei: Special performance you say?
NEET Futami no buraritabi chapter 5 - 2
Futami: Yup yup! There’s still one more person we’re waiting for……
Producer: Oh? It’s not only Akabane-kun, but Todoroki-kun and Sanzenin-kun are here too?
Issei: Even you……
Takamichi: Now that it’s become like this, we have no choice but to go along with it.
Producer: Eh? Go along with what?
Futami: Hey hey~ I prepared an extra special seat for you~♪
Producer: Akabane-kun…… You’re wearing your stage outfit, do you have a fever or something?
Futami: Geez! Everyone keeps saying the same thing!
NEET Futami no buraritabi chapter 5 - 3
Inami Haruto: Uncle Futami. The preparations are done.
Mutsuki: This is a big favor you know~
Muto Taichi: Why has it come to me having to dance in a place like this? What a pain……
Mutsuki: Now now, it’s fine to do this sometimes~ right?
Futami: Haruto-kun, Mutsuki-kun, Taichi-kun, thank you!
Futami: Well then, I’ll show you now how it is when I’m serious with the cooperation with my cute helpers~
Futami: Music start!
Futami: (I’m still lost on what I want to do in the future. But as the kids and Mutsuki-kun say, I don’t need to wrack my brains about it.)
Futami: (From now on, I’ll aim to be an idol as an Aichuu with Issei and Takamichi. Just by doing that I might find what I want to do.)
Futami: (I’ll do flower arrangement too at times when I want to. And I’ll go show my face at my family home sometime, maybe……)
Issei: …………
Takamichi: He’s amazing to do a complete 360 from his tiredness this morning.
NEET Futami no buraritabi chapter 5 - 4
Issei: Che! If he could do something like this, he should be serious about it from the beginning!
Producer: Ahaha! Akabane-kun is someone who can do anything if he puts his mind to it. Besides……
Producer: He seems refreshed. He has a really nice smile right now!
Issei: You’re probably just mistaking it for a stupid face, right? His face muscles are too loose.
Producer: You say it like that…… But you were actually really worried about Futami right?
Issei: Shut up!
Takamichi: (Issei is really such an awkward guy……)
Futami: (I’ll take my time on my own pace to find what I want to do, everything will be fine with Issei and Takamichi by my side.)
NEET Futami no buraritabi chapter 5 - 5
Futami: (Besides, I also have my cool producer!)
Producer: !
Producer: (I have the feeling that he winked at me just now……)
Issei: For now, I’ll settle with strangling him a little after he finishes singing……
Takamichi: ……No objections.
Futami: (——! I’m getting the chills for some reason!)


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