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Naked socializing 1 (1)
Chaoyang: (We've finally arrived...)
Naked socializing 1 (2)
Leon: My body's become all stiff because of the bus ride! Come on, come on, let's get into the hot springs quickly!
Noah: Leon. We can finally take a break, so could you not be a little more quiet?
Lucas: Noah, it's impossible to ask such a thing from this idiot.
Leon: Whaaat~!
Rabi: Hey, hey, calm down! You're bothering the people around us, you know? Especially because we selfishly said we would come along.
Leon: Because it's unfair if only Noah and Chaoyang go to the hot springs.
Naked socializing 1 (3)
Noah: It can't be helped since we're here for work, right? Hey, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: Ah... yes. But everyone came here to produce music too...
Chaoyang: I'm looking forward to what kind of songs you'll make here.
Lucas: ... We'll meet your expectations. You should give your best at the photo shooting too, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: ... Yes. Thank you, Lucas.
Leon: Alright! Anyway, hot springs hot springs! Be it writing music or the photo shooting, it starts from there, right!
Naked socializing 1 (4)
Rabi: Well, Leon has a point, doesn't he. When everyone's put their luggage away, let's go to the hot springs right away.
Lucas: ... I wonder where the open air bath the brochure mentions is.
Noah: Be sure to not get carried away too much. ... Let's go, Chaoyang.
Chaoyang: Ye, yes.
Naked socializing 1 (5)
Chaoyang: ...
Producer: What's wrong, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: Ah... Producer-san.
Producer: Don't you want to go to the hot springs with everyone?
Chaoyang Uhm... In Japan's hot springs, everyone goes in naked, right...?
Producer: Yes, that's right. ... Are you perhaps reluctant to that?
Chaoyang: Since in China's hot springs, going in with a swimsuit is common...
Chaoyang: I'm not used to large public baths... I'm a little shy...
Producer: (Suddenly saying "because that's the culture" would be an unconvincing thing... --Ah, that's it.)
Producer: ... Chaoyang-kun, do you know about the term "naked socializing"?
Chaoyang: Naked...?
Producer: In Japanese, that term refers to the relationship of very close friends. Because you don't need to hide anything in front of them.
Chaoyang: That means... When I take a bath with everyone together, I'll get closer to them...?
Producer: Maybe this is the intention of this expression.
Chaoyang: ... I'm embarrassed, but since I want to become closer with everyone, I think I decided that I'll try to go...!
Producer: Yes. Enjoy yourself coming and being here. Because this hot spring is quite famous in Japan.
Chaoyang: Yes!

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