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Naked socializing 2 (1)
???: Noah's way too strong...!
???: It's just one point, but...!
Producer: ? That voice, is that Leon and the others...? What are they doing?
Chaoyang: No, Noah-san, you should go a little easier on them...
Naked socializing 2 (2)
Noah: What are you talking about, Chaoyang. It would be nonsense to go easy on someone in a competition, right?
Leon: However, it's unfair to just smash at a beginner at table tennis like that!
Noah: Even I am playing table tennis for the first time. Although I have experience in tennis.
Lucas: As it is our loss is very likely... Since it has come to this, aim at Chaoyang...!
Naked socializing 2 (3)
Chaoyang: Eh, eeh?? At me?
Lucas: No hard feelings, Chaoyang!
Chaoyang: Wah, waah...!
Producer: ... Chaoyang-kun is very good at table tennis.
Naked socializing 2 (4)
Rabi: Producer. Why did you come here? ... Were we perhaps too loud?
Producer: No, I came here because I heard you were having fun. Playing table tennis at a hot springs is something like a standard routine.
Rabi: They've got really heated up unconsciously.
Producer: No, no. I'm also enjoying myself to the fullest, it was worth bringing you along. ... At any rate, Chaoyang-kun's amazing.
Rabi: ... You usually don't notice it since he's not very assertive, but Chaoyang can do just about anything.
Rabi: He's good at cooking too, he does well in helping to prepare the meals.
Producer: He's surprisingly talented, isn't he. I want to make a place where he can show that surface a lot more...
Rabi: Haha, this is a chance to show your ability, Producer.
Producer: ... I'll give my best, okay?
Naked socializing 2 (5)
Leon: Aaah, daaamn, we lost!!
Lucas: ... Can't we do individual matches next? I feel like I'm going to win if I don't get paired up with this idiot.
Leon: So it's my fault that we lost?
Rabi: Aah, come on, you two, why don't you decide that in a match of table tennis? I'll be the referee.
Leon & Lucas: Bring it on!!
Producer: Fufu, that looks fun.
Naked socializing 2 (6)
Chaoyang: Producer-san.
Producer: Good job, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: ... Did you also come to play table tennis, Producer-san?
Producer: No... Because I've only done it a little in physical education... It's fun just watching.
Chaoyang: I'm really good at table tennis... so, that...
Naked socializing 2 (7)
Chaoyang: Table tennis... Uhm, Producer-san. If you'd like we could try it together?
Chaoyang: Because if you want, I think I could teach you a little...
Producer: ... Well, then I'll have you teach me. That smash from earlier was really good. I wonder if I could do something like that too?
Chaoyang: Ye, yes! If it's you, Producer-san, then you'll get good in no time!
Chaoyang: It's hot...
Chaoyang: Especially after being soaked in a hot spring, I worked up a sweat again... Should we go take a bath again?
Producer: Yes, we should. I'll tell the others--
Chaoyang: If, if we can, I want just the two of us to sneak away.
Producer:  !
Chaoyang: ... Is that a no?
Producer: ... It's not a no. Then, let's keep it a secret from everyone and sneak away.
Chaoyang: Yes!

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