Naked socializing 3 (1)
Chaoyang: ... There happened to be such a splendid shinto shrine near the hot springs.
Producer: You're surprised that there's a place like this almost in the middle of the mountains, right?
Chaoyang: Yes... What kind of god would be enshrined here?
Producer: The Tengu who protects the mountains is enshrined here... That's why I choose this location this time.
Chaoyang: Tengu... The same as Akira-san's role.
Producer: Even if Youkai are a fantasy theme, I think it's better if there are no lies to make for a good picture.
Chaoyang: I feel like I understand that...
Producer: I'll guide you through it before the filming if you're interested. The interior part of the building is even more splendid.
Chaoyang: I want to see it, but... I have to pass now.
Chaoyang: Since my role is the one of a fox who comes to the mountain for the first time. ... Wouldn't it be better not to lie?
Producer: ... That's right.
Chaoyang: ... Maybe if I was a little better at acting, looking at it together wouldn't be a concern like this.
Producer: You don't need to worry about not being able to do it, you know. Because you have a lot of strong points, Chaoyang-kun.
Producer: And if you can't do it, why not put your efforts in it until you can do it? After all Chaoyang-kun is such a person like that, I know it.
Chaoyang: ... Please don't praise me this much.
Producer: Why?
Chaoyang: It's embarrassing, and I have no strong points...
Producer: But for me, I love it when you make that face, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang: ... Me too, Producer-san laughing that way...... I don't, dislike it...
Chaoyang: I don't, dislike it...... So............
Naked socializing 3 (2)
Chaoyang: I love it.
Producer:  !
Chaoyang: It, It's almost time for the filming of everyone to start! Please don't worry about me and go!
Producer: (That surprised me... I never exptected to hear such words from him...)
Producer: ("I'm happy" is not a strange thing to think, right? When good will is directed at you, you're usually happy after all...?)
Producer: I'm smiling...
Naked socializing 3 (3)
Chaoyang: Brother, is that the Tengu that has been enshrined into this shinto shrine? It does not look that strong.
Chaoyang: My brother is a lot stronger and more beautiful than that. That's why I'm happy my brother ruled over this mountain too.
Chaoyang: When we've played a little, you'll become aware of your difference in strength, that's why you should surrender, right? ... Listen to me for a while!
Chaoyang: It's fine. I could surely handle it alone. Even if you hate what I say, I'll talk to you until you understand it.
Chaoyang: So, please don't burn down this especially splendid shrine in rage.
Naked socializing 3 (4)
Chaoyang: (Today's filming was tough...)
Producer: Good work, Chaoyang-kun. Today was a huge success. I want to give you a reward.
Chaoyang: A reward... If that's the case I have one favor to ask, would you listen to it?
Producer: What is it?
Naked socializing 3 (5)
Chaoyang: ... Please enter the hot springs together with me.
Producer: Eh...?
Chaoyang: I want to get closer to you too, Producer-san.
Chaoyang: You told that to me, Producer-san, right. You get closer through naked socializing after all.
Producer: ...
Chaoyang: ... Do you hate getting closer to me?
Producer: ... I don't hate it, you know? But we can't enter the hot springs together.
Chaoyang: ...
Producer: Instead, we could try to talk a lot? Because I think I want... to get a lot more closer to you too, Chaoyang-kun.
Chaoyang:  ! Yes!

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