Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (1)
Toya: *sigh*...Good grief, what am I doing
Producer: Did you do something?
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (2)
Toya: Wah....Producer! Why are you here....?
Producer: I saw that you were looking depressed so I got worried about you
Producer: Did I disturb you perhaps?
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (3)
Toya: There's no way you could be a disturbance...I'm sorry for making you worry
Producer: Why are you the one apologizing? I was the one who got worried and intruded without even asking. ....Did, did something happen?
Toya: No....It's nothing. I just, felt a bit pathetic about myself
Producer: (But you don't have to force a smile in front of me)
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (4)
Toya: The wind is cold here, isn't it. I'm going back now. That's why you should return inside too
Producer: Honoki-kun
Toya: What is it?
Producer: Do you have any plans for the next free day?
Toya: For the next free day...No, I don't have any particular plans. Is there something for that day?
Producer: Then, won't you come with me for a change of pace?
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (5)
Toya: For a change of pace?
Producer: It's only been work and work lately, so I got tired. I have a recommended place, and I wanted to go there together with you
Toya: ....Would that be called a change of pace if I'm with you too?
Producer: It's fine with you so don't worry. ....But if you don't want to go I won't force you
Toya: No...If it's like this then I would gladly come with you
Producer: I'm glad. Then the next free day I'll take you there by car!
Toya: Producer, you know how to drive a car?
Producer: In case something happens to anyone of you I have to arrive there as soon as possible
Producer: So I went out of my way to buy a car! Uuu, it was quite expensive...
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 1 (6)
Toya: Fufu, so you didn't buy it for yourself, but for our sake?
Producer: That's right, you know? I'm a Producer after all so I need to be able to do everything!
Toya: Being able to say such things, as expected of our Producer. ...That's really cool.
Producer: (I finally saw a genuine smile. Thank god...)

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