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Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (1)
Toya: Yes, this is really delicious!
Producer: Isn't it? This place is managed by some relatives of mine
Producer: When I was little I would look really forward to the season arriving and being able to eat my grandma's dumplings here~
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (2)
Toya: Then, you come here every year since then?
Producer: ....No, I haven't come here in a while. I have been busy, and I thought I didn't have time to take breaks like this.
Producer: This is the first time I come here ever since I've become a producer!
Producer: During that time the cherry trees would be blooming. When you look at beautiful things your heart calms down, right? I realized it in that time...
Producer: At that time what I needed was to relax myself and feel at ease. ....Isn't it the same for you now?
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (3)
Toya: Haha.....You can see through everything of me, right?
Producer: It's fine if you don't want to talk about it. But I would like for you to not keep thinking about it and come to places like this to feel better
Producer: ....Was I being meddlesome?
Toya: ....You are a kind person. You did all this for my sake.
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (4)
Toya: I'm being spoiled by that kind you. And that's not good. But still...will you hear me out?
Producer: Of course. I want to know everything about you
Toya: It's actually not a big thing. I was just having a bit of self-loathing. ....It's about the previous live
Toya: Truth is, I have been feeling sick for some days before the performance. I know it's my fault for not taking care of myself but---
Toya: I went on stage without telling anyone about my condition. It was a bit more difficult to move than usual, but I thought I could do it...
Toya: Later on, I decided to watch how I looked, and---
Toya: It was a bit of an unacceptable performace
Toya: After saying it, Tsubaki also said that it couldn't be helped with how my condition was
Toya: I knew that Tsubaki had to back me up a lot, but to think that he would notice it...
Toya: I'm not qualified to be a pro
Producer: ....It certainly felt a bit strange when I saw you on the previous live
Producer: But you know, Honoki-kun. I think you should praise yourself a bit more, since you reflected on that.
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (5)
Toya: Praise myself....?
Producer: Even though you weren't in a perfect condition, you managed to put up that performace. That's incredible, you know?
Producer: You shouldn't be blaming yourself, but instead praising yourself for working that hard, right?
Toya: .........
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 2 (6)
Toya: I see...I'm really glad I consulted you!
Toya: I wouldn't have arrived at that conclusion by myself no matter what.
Toya: ....Is it okay if I take seconds of dumplings? After hearing your words and feeling better, I started being hungry somehow

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