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Producer: What happened, Honoki-kun? You seem in a better mood than usual!
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (1)
Toya: I wouldn't call it being in a good mood but...I'm really looking forward to today's live
Toya: The guests today didn't come just for us after all. Somehow, just by looking at it feels refreshing
Toya: For example...Look, those kids in the monitor. They're wearing really unique attires
Toya: It's not bad at all that people wearing such dresses came to our live
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (2)
Toya: There will be a lot of groups standing onstage today. And it's exactly because of such guests that the place has a unique atmosphere
Toya: And that's really interesting. What kind of music do they like, which group's fans are they?
Producer: (It's not usual for Honoki-kun to be so talkative. Is it because he's nervous? Or perhaps... Is his body condition bad like the other time...?)
Toya: Fufu! You don't need to worry, Producer
Producer: Eh?
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (3)
Toya: You were worried about my condition just now, right?
Producer: ....You understood it
Toya: Because of what happened the other day
Toya: I will be okay. Thanks to you, I feel a bit more bold than in the past
Producer: Bold...?
Toya: I'm not just someone that gets in the way of the others, right?
Producer: ! Nobody thinks that...!
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (4)
Toya: It's fine. No one has told me such thing
Toya: I've always thought that of myself. I have to be in a perfect condition to be on everyone's usual level
Toya: But, I was wrong. Because I have friends that would prefer to stand on stage no matter what happens
Toya: There are people that have acknowledged me
Toya: Tsubaki said the same too. "There are more people than you think that love you and are charmed by you", was what he said.
Toya: That's why I can't help but want to go in front of everyone as soon as possible
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (5)
Toya: I'll do a performance that won't be embarrassing so please make sure to look!
Producer: Yes. I look forward to the best performance!
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (6)
Toya: Everyone, thank you for coming here today. I'm Toya Honoki, of Tenjyou Tenge
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (7)
Toya: Fufu, all this cheering makes me really happy
Toya: Ehm...I have a little question. How many of you did come here to see our performance?
Toya: There are a lot, aren't there. We still have some way to go. But I'm glad we got to meet everyone on this day
Narrow Lane of Momiji Leaves 3 (8)
Toya: Today I will show the best image for everyone's sake. I will show an image that will be worthy of being loved by everyone
Toya: Tenjyou Tenge is the one and only wonderful group in this world. This comes from me, that loves this group more than everyone else, so there's no mistaking it
Toya: That's why, everyone, love us as much as you want. I vow here that you will definitely never regret it
Toya: We become better...the more you love us!

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