Producer: (Ahh… Today’s finally the day…! I’d planned to go take care of all of the preparations for the I-Chu’s first live performance, but…)
Producer: (I just can’t calm down…)
Producer: …Even so, I really ended up leaving for the venue way too early, just like I expected.
Producer: (There’s hardly anyone on the train this early on a Sunday.)
Producer: And in a few hours, it’ll be crowded with fans coming to see the I-Chu’s show…
Producer: (Ahh… I’m so nervous…!!)
Akira: Fufu...
Producer: Eh?
Near Me (1)
Akira: Good morning, Producer. You seem to be enjoying yourself so early in the morning.
Producer: !
Producer: Ah, Mitsurugi-kun!? How long have you been…
Akira: How long? Well, I was already here before you boarded the train.
Producer: I didn’t notice at all… I wish you’d have said something sooner.
Near Me (2)
Akira: I didn’t realize it was you. Who’d have thought the woman acting so suspiciously would be my producer?
Producer: (That’s a lie. He’s smiling…)
Producer: You absolutely saw me from the moment I got on.
Akira: If you’re so certain of that, then why’s your face so red? Are you okay?
Producer: I’m fine! More importantly, why are you here so early? You don’t have to arrive until much later, right?
Akira: I’m guessing it’s for the same reason you have. Somehow I just can’t calm down.
Producer: I see… What music are you listening to?
Near Me (3)
Akira: Do you really need to ask? I’d think it would be obvious what song I’d listen to before the show.
Akira: Okay, here you go.
Producer: (His earbud…?)
Akira: If you’re so interested, you can find out for yourself what it is, right?
Akira: Oh, but before that. You’ve been standing up this whole time, so would you like to sit down? Here, do you want to listen together?
Producer: S-Sure. Umm…
Producer: (Where exactly should I sit at a time like this…)
Near Me (4)
Akira: There’s no one right next to me, so please, go ahead.
Producer: Th-Thank you…
Producer: (I don’t need to be so overly self-conscious. Just act normal…)


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