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Near me 3 (1)
Akira: Isn’t this amazing? I guess this is what they mean by a full house.
Producer: It’s hard to believe that so many people are here…
Akira: Looks like all of your hard work paid off, Producer.
Producer: Why are you saying it like that? You’re the ones who’ve worked so hard, aren’t you?
Producer: I wasn’t sure how things would turn out at first, but it looks like it really was your destiny for the three of you to become Aichuu together.
Akira: Saying it was all up to fate is an insult to Seiya and Kanata.
Akira: They’re the reason that I’m able to be here as Akira Mitsurugi, a member of F∞F. Because they were there.
Producer: Akira-kun…
Near me 3 (2)
Akira: Besides… There are four members of F∞F, aren’t there? Not three.
Producer: Four of them? Who are you talking ab–…
Akira: We were able to make it this far because of you. It’s all because of your hard work.
Producer: …D-Don’t make me feel like I’m gonna cry right at the start of things. You know, somehow… you’re being nicer than usual.
Near me 3 (3)
Akira: I’m always nice. Especially when it comes to you, my dear producer.
Producer: Is that right? I don’t usually feel like you are, though.
Akira: How strange. Then how about I show you some kindness that’s easier for you to understand?
Producer: …No, that’s okay. It would be weird for you to always be nice. It feels right for you to be just a little bit mean.
Akira: Ahaha, you’re sure being open with me now, aren’t you?
Producer: Well, I might as well. It’s not like I only said that I’d stick with all of you through everything as a formality.
Near me 3 (4)
Akira: True. …You’ve always been right there with me, no matter what was going on.
Producer: It looks like it’s about that time. The staff are calling for you. I have to go take my seat, too.
Akira: Producer…
Producer: Wah…
Producer: (His hand… Akira-kun said that he hated touching people…)
Near me 3 (5)
Akira: I’m going to sing for you today in exchange for you lending me your shoulder.
Producer: …You’re making way too big of a deal out of that.
Akira: No, I’m not. That was the first time that someone else’s warmth made me feel so good. That has to mean that it’s a very special thing, right?
Producer: Um… Mn.
Producer: (He kissed my forehead…)
Akira: I’ll make sure that you enjoy today’s show more than anyone else, Producer.
Akira: (I’m an Aichuu, so I’ll sing for our fans.)
Akira: (But… I wonder why I just said that to her.)
Akira: (No, stop. This isn’t the time to be thinking about that.)
Near me 3 (6)
Akira: (It’s too risky for me to space out… The only thing I’m going to do right now is put a smile on everyone’s faces!)


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