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No Confidence 1 (1)
Akio: sigh…
Producer: Tobikura-kun!
Akio: !?
Akio: W-why… are you here?
Producer: I just so happened to look outside and I saw you out here...
Producer: Why did you come to school today? You didn’t contact me so I was worried.
No Confidence 1 (2)
Akio: Worried…? About me…?
Producer: Yeah. Of course I’d be worried. I sent you messages and called and you didn’t respond.
Akio: I wanted to think… so I left my phone.
Producer: You needed time to think? Is it something you can’t talk to me about?
Akio: P-producer, you’re close…!
Producer: Oh, sorry. You’re not that good around girls huh.
Akio: Um…
No Confidence 1 (3)
Akio: [Play] If you’re too close… it’s a bit uncomfortable… but, it it’s just a little closer then…
Producer: Is this ok?
Akio: …yeah, it’s ok.
Akio: You were… worried… about me?
Producer: Yeah, worried enough to look around the entire school.
Akio: Even though it’s completely fine to just leave me alone…
Producer: I can’t just leave you alone. You’re my important Ai chuu after all.
Producer: So don’t put yourself down like that.
No Confidence 1 (4)
Akio: I’m worthless to you, you to have to worry me.
Producer: You’re not the one to decide that. I decide.
Producer: I don’t think you’re worthless. That’s why I’ll frantically go after you like I am now.
Akio: …You’re strange.
Producer: I think you’re the strange one, I guess that makes two of us. Tobikura-kun.
No Confidence 1 (5)
Akio: …The truth is, I just don’t know what I should do, I really don’t know.


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