Producer: What do you mean you don’t know what to do?
No Confidence 2 (1)
Akio: …There are people around. I’ll tell you, but can we go somewhere else?
Producer: Sure. Let’s go somewhere you can speak easily.
Akio: ……
Producer: Tobikura-kun?
Akio: You are really strange.
Producer: Why do you think that?
Akio: Why are you so concerned over someone like me?
Producer: Well, no matter how I put it, I’m just concerned about you, is that enough of an answer?
Producer: Tobikura-kun Why didn’t you come to school today?
No Confidence 2 (2)
Akio: I don’t think I have the confidence to continue as an ai chuu.
Akio: I don’t think someone like me has a possibility of becoming an idol. That’s why I figured I can just stop going to school.
Akio: Then I got scared about meeting with you and the other members.
No Confidence 2 (3)
Akio: I was thinking that the entire time and before I knew it, the sun had set.
Producer: Why didn’t you talk to me earlier?
Akio: Huh?
Producer: Finding your charming points by yourself is really hard to see.
Producer: I think that when you’re interacting with others, those other people will find those points for you.
Akio: Other people?
Producer: I think even that negative part of you is an wonderful part of you.
No Confidence 2 (4)
Akio: I don’t think negativity can be a charming point.
Producer: Try looking at it with an open mind. Up until now, have you seen any other negative idols?
Akio: I don’t think a negative person is fit to be an idol.
Producer: You’re right, I don’t think those kind of people aim to become idols.
Producer: But that’s why I think your charm point is going to show.
No Confidence 2 (5)
Akio: Umm… what do you mean?


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