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"My grandfather taught me how to play the guitar. After that, I learned all sorts of songs."
Aliases Noah
• Characteristics•
Gender ♂ Male
Age 17
Blood Type B
Birthday March 10th
Height 5'9" or 175 cm
Weight 58 kg
• Professional Information•
Unit Ib
Position Leader
• Additional Information•
Family Unnamed Grandparents
Unnamed Father
Unnamed Mother
Hobby Horseback riding
Fave Food Soft Sweet Bean Jelly
LeastFave Food Pickled Plum
• Portrayal•
CV Natsuki Hanae
Noah Signature
Image Gallery

Noah (ノア Noah) is one of the main characters in I-Chu. He is a part of the Idol Unit, I♥B, which was the third to be introduced in the game.

Profile Description Edit

A smooth, princely man with silky hair. Born in America, he’s spent his childhood with Seiya Aido. Like a wolf in sheep’s clothing, he’s known to have quite the two-faced nature. He comes from a rich, sociable family. I♥B’s leader. He’s scary when angered.

Interview Edit

  • Make a simple self-introduction.
    • I'm Noah. I came to Japan in order to become an idol. Other than that, to see an old friend...
  • How did you become an idol?
    • Once I gathered those in mind who wanted to make a band, it seems that I caught the Principal's eye. It seems I have the devil's luck.
  • Your impression upon meeting the others?
    • We all met through social networking sites. Rabi's gap between how he is now and how he was in his former days is interesting. It'd be nice to hear about it from the man himself.

Personality Edit

Despite his slightly fragile appearance, Noah has a very assertive, no-nonsense, and commanding personality, which makes him an effective leader for his band. However, he can be surprisingly sentimental, as shown in his many fond reminiscences with his childhood spent with his best friend, Seiya Aido.

Appearance Edit

Noah has silky blonde hair which is cut just above shoulder length. His fringe is cut above eye level. He has light brown eyes.

He possesses a beige coloured electric guitar.

Lines Edit

Character Lines
Scout and Idolizing
Scout Waa...Ah, nice to meet you
Nice to meet you! (In English)
Idolizing I wonder if I changed that much. Play
Regular I'm called Noah. I came here from America. Japan is a really nice place isn't it? Play
My grandfather taught me how to play the guitar. All sorts of songs too. Play
I feel lonely not being able to meet my dear Amarette [1] Play
Japan's dried plums are a dangerous weapon.... Play
The melody is composed by Lucas. Rabi and I write the lyrics sometimes. Play
Good grief... I don't know what to do about Leon and his obsession with women. Play
Chaoyang, stop hiding and come out. I'm not particularly angry at you.... Fufuu. Play
Rabi is a really dependable guy... But, it's troublesome to always have others relying on you, right? Play
Even though Lucas is from France, he's a harsh guy. Because of that he's really interesting... Play
I used to play a lot with Seiya when I was little. He hasn't changed at all from that time. Play
New Monthly Lines
January The kotatsu is such a scary thing. No one is able to get out of it. Play
Happy New Year. I'll be counting on you to produce us this year too. Play
February You eat Ehomaki by only one of the sides that you decide? This is a strange custom. Play
Thank you for the chocolate. Your chocolate makes me the happiest. Play
September The moon is beautiful. Fufu, Japanese is a beautiful language[2] Play
When Lucas was looking at the moon he immediately started to write song lyrics. Will the songs increase? Play
October In order to see the meteor shower with Seiya I'm waiting at the rooftop. It's getting a bit cold Play
Japan's Halloween is noisy and wonderful too Play
November I feel like Seiya's drawings have improved since the past. I should ask Torahiko to teach me too. Play
Tsundere, Moe... There were girls like this in the book that Kyosuke gave me. Play
December The town is so lively during Christmas, it's beautiful! Play
Thank you for a lot of things this year. I'll entrust I♥B to you next year too. Play
Old Monthly Lines
January Kagamimochi? Putting an orange on them, you said? I wonder if it's a kind of evil repellent... Play
Japan's New Year is a peaceful one, isn't it? Play
February Setsubun? Is it okay to just throw the beans? Rabi, I'm leaving the demon repelling to you Play
Are you giving chocolate? I want some chocolate from you Play
March Here. The return gift for white day. It's three times more than the gift you gave me. Play
Looking at the cherry flowers makes my creative urge increase. I started thinking of some song lyrics Play
April In America school starts around August or September, so it feels a bit strange [3] Play
Is it okay to lie? This is troubling. I can't say such things as lies to you Play
May May Blues? That sounds like a terrible illness. Are you okay? Play
You wear a kabuto[4] on Children's day in Japan? Interesting! Play
June Japan's June is incredibly humid isn't it... It's not really my favorite season Play
Heeeh... June Brides. Let's go see them together! Play
July I need to use sunscreen a lot because I get sunburned easily. Play
Leon tried really hard to inflate the swimming ring. Play
August It's too bright... I guess I'll ask if Seiya has any spare sunglasses. Play
Japan's summer heat is uncommon. Play
September Susuki grass is wonderful as it has an air of elegance about it. Play
Japan's red leaves are great... Play
October I was invited to visit the onsen, but I'm opposed to stripping down in front of others. Play
Trick or treat! Fufu. You want to prank me? Play
November The ArS members each specialize in arts. I certainly want to receive coaching from them. Play
It's autumn, a season of many delicious things. Play
December You've taken care of me a lot this year. Please support me again next year. Play
I had fun choosing a present for you. Happy Holiday! Play
Start Menu I-Chu! Play
Download I can't seem to calm down... Play
Story It's okay to choose the story of your liking. Play
Main Story Choose the chapter of your liking.
What story interests you? Play
Love Story It seems you have an interest in love. Then what about me? Fufuu. Play
If there is something to choose, then choose it. Play
Shop If you're looking for the shop then it's over here. Play
Disk Purchase What do you plan on buying? Jewelry or other expensive things?
Friend Friend information's here. Play
Other If you're in trouble come here, okay?
During Lives
R/RR Start My lady, please give me your hand. Play
Skill I'm a sore loser. Play
Ha! Play
Let's raise the beat! Play
Clear There's no end for us! Play
Affection Gain A present from a lovely lady, isn't it? Play
SR/UR Start I will dedicate my song to you. Play
Skill Do you want me to get serious? Play
I shall light the light in your heart! Play
The notes are delighted. Play
Clear Fun times pass in the blink of an eye. Play
Affection Gain We need to deepen our relationship more, okay? Play
LE/GR Start It's show time! [5] Play
Skill Hotter, and even hotter! Play
I have no regrets about my life. [6] Play
Take up your pride and go with all you got! Play
Clear It reminded me of my homeland. Play
Affection Gain I received your feelings. Play


  1. His pet horse that he left at home
  2. In Japan saying the phrase "The moon is beautiful" is also used as a love confession, meaning "I love you
  3. In Japan school starts around April
  4. Japanese military helmet
  5. He says it in English
  6. He says it in English


Noah R Noah R (Second Batch) Noah SR (Second Batch) Noah SR (Summer festival scout) Noah SR (X'mas Scout) Noah SR (Flower Viewing Scout) Noah SR (June Bride Scout) Noah SR (Circus Scout) Noah SR (Valentine's Day 2017 Scout) Noah SR

Noah LE (Kouya no Frontier) Noah LE (1st Anniversary Scout) Noah LE (Yumeiro Cast Collaboration) Noah LE (Hot Springs Scout) Noah LE (New Year 2017 Scout) Noah LE (creation) Noah GR

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