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(Profile Story) Noah

Hi! You're our new producer right?
I'm Noah. Your I-chu and the vocalist for the band known as I♥B.
As excepted you seem to know that much at least. I feel at ease.
Concerning us... especially in my case, I can't do a good job with people I don't know very well.
We're the one and only international band composed of people from various countries.
For sure, we plan to rise to the top of this country as idols. Everyone has that desire.
Therefore, I want you to also have that desire. Fufu. I won't accept any opposition.

Initial R/RR Blackhearted Prince
Second Batch R/RR Good at being spoiled
Initial SR/UR Miraculous Singing Voice
Summer festival SR/UR Reminiscent of Summer
X'mas SR/UR My Santa Claus
Flower Viewing SR/UR Dreaming of petals
June Bride SR/UR My love is for you
Circus SR/UR The beast concealed in the heart
Valentine's Day 2017 SR/UR Shape of conveying love
Second Batch SR/UR Something that won't change
Mumyoujouya no Toukonari SR/UR A lively moon viewing experience
Chinese Zodiac SR/UR Bouquet of feelings
Initial LE/GR To The Highest Stage
Kouya no Frontier LE/GR Wasteland's Frontier
1st Anniversary LE/GR The shape of gratitude
Yumeiro Cast Collaboration LE/GR The song's main point
Hot Springs LE/GR Alone with you under the starry sky
Creation GR Creation 07
New Year 2017 LE/GR In the middle of silence
Cinderella Sindrome LE/GR Cinderella Syndrome
QA LE/GR Another mission
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Under the same sky
Pilot LE/GR Sky journey surprise
2nd Oshinobi Date LE/GR Searching for a power spot
Halloween 2017 LE/GR I want to indulge in a cute devil
Great man LE/GR Teaching how to teach
Birthday LE/GR Spoiling you like a prince
BAD BOY! BAD DAY! LE/GR Refreshing and charming
3rd Anniversary LE/GR Eve of the evening that gives miracles