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My family structure is: grandparents, father, mother and me. I don't have siblings. What about you? Play
Seiya Father, mother and elder sister! Play
Kanata A family of four with a father, mother and a younger brother! Play
Akira There is my father, mother and younger sister. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Father, mother and Mutsuki! Play
Mutsuki Father, mother and Satsuki. Play
Leon Grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, elder brother and younger brother. A lot of good brothers! Play
Chaoyang Father, mother, an older brother, an older sister, a younger brother and a younger sister. It's a big family... Play
Rabi Father, mother, elder sister and younger sister. I wanted a younger brother though. Play
Lucas Only my father. My mother died a long time ago. Play
Torahiko A family of four with my old man, my mom, my elder sister and me! Play
Kyosuke Father, mother, elder brother and younger sister. Ahaha... Both my brother and sister are otakus too. Play
Akio Father, mother... And four elder sisters... It's their fault that I'm afraid of women…. Play
Shiki There is my grandfather, mother, father and younger sister. Play
Hikaru A family of three with my father, my mother and me! Play
Raku It's only my grandfather. My parents died a long time ago because of an illness. Play
Kokoro It's a family of three with dad, mom and me! Play
Runa A family of three with father, mother, and me. Play
Momosuke Father, mother, and a little brother! It's a family of four! Play
Issei Mom and little brother. My dad had gone a long time ago... Play
Futami Father, mother, and an older brother. All of them are reliable people so we're not similar at all~ Play
Takamichi Father, mother, and an older sister. Both father and mother are still working even now. Play
Eva I don't have a family member... Right now my family consists of Sammy and the Servants only. Play
Mio My old family is no longer around. Right now Master is my family! Play
Ban Mother, father, and me! To me, Master and Mio are like my own brothers! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Father, mother, and a little sister. My father remarried so I got a step-sister. Play
Toya Father, mother, and a younger sister. Me and my younger sister are twins, hehe~! Play
Tatsumi Father, mother, older sister, and older brother. I'm the youngest child. Play
Aoi Father, mother, little sister, and little brother. Is that surprising? Play
Kuro Father, mother, and..... A deceased older sister..... Play
Saku Mother, father, and 2 older sisters. I'm the youngest child. Play
Baber Baber's mom and grandma. And also big brother!! Play

If you went on a journey where would you want to go? I'm glad I went to Japan. Play
Seiya I want to surf on the waves of Hawaii! Play
Kanata I want to have a picnic in a tulip field in the Netherlands. Play
Akira They say German towns in winter are beautiful, so I want to go there. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki I want to hug a koala in Australia! Play
Mutsuki I want to do some diving in Okinawa. Play
Leon I want to slide on Canada's ski slopes! Play
Chaoyang I would like to someday visit an Indian temple. Play
Rabi I want to see what it feels like to be in a resort in the Galapagos Islands. Play
Lucas I'm interested in the city of blue and white in Morocco. Play
Torahiko I want to draw a lot of animal paintings in Africa! Play
Kyosuke In France there are also Otaku festivals, so I would like to go there. Play
Akio I- I don't want to go anywhere... I just want to close myself in my room. Play
Shiki I've heard that Russian women have beautiful white skin, so I want to go there once. Play
Hikaru I want to participate in Hokkaido's Snow Festival! Play
Raku I want to eat udon in Shikoku. Play
Kokoro I want to go to Italy! Play
Runa Shanghai. I'm interested in Chinese tea, so, Chaoyang-san, please tell me about it! Play
Momosuke I'd like to go to the Netherlands~ Looks like there are a lot of lovely flowers there! Play
Issei Anywhere is fine. As long as I can go wild... Play
Futami The traveling expenses will come from the company budget, right? Play
Takamichi I went to various countries when I was younger, so I feel calmer when I'm in Japan. Play
Eva I've lived for 427 years. I've visited every place by now. Play
Mio Papua New Guinea. I'd like to learn the black magic handed down there since time immemorial~ Play
Ban As long as I'm with Master and Mio, then anywhere is fine! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I think I'd like to go to Egypt. Play
Toya I'm interested in Thailand. I'd like to study their cuisine. Play
Tatsumi I've gone to about every place in this country, so I'd like to go somewhere overseas. Play
Aoi Maybe Russia or France. I'd like to see their ballets. Play
Kuro Since travelling takes expenses, I don't want to go so far. Going to local places is enough. Play
Saku Anywhere, if I'm with Producer-chan! Play
Baber If I'm with big brother anywhere is fine. Play

What do you think about America? Play
Seiya It's the country of skinship! With things like hugs, right? Play
Kanata The beef is delicious, isn't it~? Play
Akira Hollywood musicals are amazing… Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Probably the Statue of Liberty? Play
Mutsuki I wonder if they still have cowboys there? Play
Leon America's whoopie pie is super delicious~ Play
Chaoyang I really like American donuts. Play
Rabi In the back alleys the bloo-… No, it's nothing! Play
Lucas It's a country where many bands have been born. Play
Torahiko It would feel great to paint a picture in the Central Park! Play
Kyosuke I have this image that America's food sizes are really big. Play
Akio The hamburgers are big and nice…. Play
Shiki I want to go and see its musicals. Play
Hikaru I want to go see the musicals and learn from them! Play
Raku That country feels like Torahiko. It might fit me too. Play
Kokoro Is it true that the nightscape in Los Angeles is beautiful? Play
Runa I've only seen the casinos in movies, but do they really exist? Play
Momosuke I think that Americans are great in that they can eat a lot! Play
Issei It seems like there are braver people than the Japanese there! Play
Futami Hm... I feel that it's an incompatible place for me~ Play
Takamichi I'd like to see its musicals. Play
Eva There existed a demon being which has the same power as I do... Play
Mio It seems like there is black magic passed down through generations in America too~ Play
Ban When I saw it on the map, I thought that it's huge! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki The image that the people there speak straightly is strong. Play
Toya It's a large metropolis. Play
Tatsumi Statue of Liberty! Play
Aoi I'll show you that one day I'll be able to stand on a Hollywood stage. Play
Kuro Anything and everything is made in big sizes. Play
Saku It gives me an image where there's a lot of slum housing. Play
Baber It's big~ Play

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