Producer: Ah, there he is. Sanzenin-kun.
Nobility room 1 (1)
Takamichi: ....What's the matter, Teacher?
Producer: You suddenly called me "Teacher"
Takamichi: Don't be so concerned about it. I was just imitating the protagonist in this book
Producer: Ah, is that the original work of the drama you're auditioning for?
Takamichi: It's the book of an author I've liked ever since the past. I thought about giving it a look once again. As I thought, it's really refreshing
Producer: So you read too
Takamichi: ......What do you mean with that?
Producer: It means exactly what I said
Nobility room 1 (2)
Takamichi: Did you come to pick a fight? If so then I'm ready at any time!
Producer: Ahaha, of course I didn't come here for that. The reason why I was searching for you is this!
Takamichi: What's this magazine?....Ah, the photo from before
Producer: Yes! The theme this time was "Men that look cool even to other men", so I didn't manage to get accepted in the editorial department
Producer: That's why I still haven't seen the photos
Takamichi: I think we got some pretty good ones y'know? The photoshoot has never felt that great
Takamichi: Oh, it starts here
Producer: Which which?
Producer: No way. What's with this picture. You look like a cool nobleman....!
Nobility room 1 (3)
Takamichi: Right right! It wouldn't hurt to praise me more y'know?
Producer: You're so cool that...Pff
Nobility room 1 (4)
Takamichi: Hey, why are you laughing?
Producer: Because, you know....You looked way too cool...Fufu
Producer: Incredible, Sanzenin-kun. You're the only one that would suit this chair
Takamichi: ....Am I the only one that can't see those as compliments?
Producer: No, no I'm really complimenting you.....Pff, ahaha, I can't, it's too funny! What's with this cool pose...!
Nobility room 1 (5)
Takamichi: ....Is it just me, or did you lately have been making fun of me exactly like Issei does?
Producer: That's definitely not true~ Ah, should I show this to them too?[1]
Takamichi: I think that you're going to do exactly that! Stop with it!


  1. Referring to Issei and Futami

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