Producer: (I’d better get everything else in order before my next meeting… And I’ve got to make a courtesy call to that magazine company, too…
Producer: Ahh, I’m so busy…)
Hikaru: Good afternoon, Producer.
Producer: Eh? Huh? Did I hear somebody say something?
Hikaru: Ahaha, I’m over here. Up in the tree.
Producer: Up in the tree? Hey, Orihara-kun! Why are you up there, of all places!? That’s dangerous, so get down here right now!
Hikaru: You’re such a worrywart. You don’t have to be so alarmed; I’m fine.
Producer: But of course I’d worry. God, why on earth were you up in a tree…?
Hikaru: I’ve been looking for you, Producer.
Producer: For me…? If that’s what you were trying to do, there are more normal way of going abo–
Hikaru: Ahaha, but it’s just so humdrum and typical for someone as beautiful as me to just call out for you, isn’t it? I thought that it needed to have a little spice.
Producer: (That’s quite the incredible reason. It does seem like something he’d come up with…)
Hikaru: Although you are quite beautiful when you’re working hard, right now you’re pushing yourself a bit too much. It’s enough to make me worry about you!
Hikaru: So, what do you say you come on a date with me, Producer?
Producer: A- A date?
Hikaru: I just happened to receive some tickets to the art museum from a friend of mine. It might be nice to take a break from your work by going to see some beautiful pieces.
Producer: That might be true, but… But a date is rather…
Hikaru: The tickets are for a sculpture exhibition, but since you can appreciate the beauty of my work, I just know you’ll enjoy this from the bottom of your heart!
Producer: But… What’s this? Could this exhibition be…?
Hikaru: Is something wrong?
Producer: We’d planned on making the next job a navigation gig here… I thought that I’d go if I could make time for it, but…
Hikaru: Oh, I didn’t know about that! It almost feels as if this was destined to happen!
Hikaru: Well then, Producer. You will go on a date with me, won’t you!?
Producer: (What to do…? I really should turn him down. But…
Producer: He probably came to talk to me because he’s worried about me… I don’t want to reject his invitation.)
Hikaru: Producer?
Producer: Thanks, Orihara-kun. …If that’s what this is all about, then would you be okay with letting me come with you?
Hikaru: That’s just what I thought you’d say!
Producer: (What a bright smile. …I’m glad I agreed to go.)


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