Hikaru: How fortunate I am to be so looking forward to this!
Producer: Orihara-kun!
Hikaru: You’re quite early, aren’t you, Producer? I was planning to arrive where we were supposed to meet first and wait for you, despite how it turned out.
Hikaru: I didn’t make you wait, did I?
Producer: No, not at all. I just got here, too.
Hikaru: Fufu, this kind of small talk really makes it feel like a date!
Producer: !
Hikaru: Now then, shall we hurry inside? Oh, come to think of it, I heard that the navigation job you’d mentioned before seems to have been decided upon.
Producer: …So you already knew about that? And here I’d thought I’d surprise you by telling you about it today.
Hikaru: I do have many contacts in the art world, after all. Let’s go have a good look around before we don’t have any opportunity to study the pieces.
Producer: This is my first time here, so I plan on doing so.
Hikaru: Well then, please hold my hand, if you would.
Producer: Why should I hold your hand?
Hikaru: Well, I’m sure that I’ll become entranced with the sculptures in no time at all.
Hikaru: But since you’re here with me today, and I don’t want to forget that you are, would you mind holding my hand?
Producer: (…No fair, putting it like that.)
Hikaru: Sigh… How exquisite. Don’t you think so, Producer?
Hikaru: It’s as if this sculpture is as beautiful as I am.
Hikaru: I would have never even dreamed I’d be able to see so many pieces like this in Japan.
Producer: Yeah… It’s really impressive. It almost feels as if I could look at it forever…
Hikaru: Although they say this piece is prehistoric, the emotions that its beauty fills you with are ever the same.
Producer: I wonder what the arms that made this actually looked like, now that the person’s gone? Or what the person this was modeled after was doing…
Hikaru: Everything that takes on a shape of some sort will one day crumble. That is yet another form of beauty…
Producer: (I’d expect as much from Orihara-kun, given that he’s an ice sculptor. They say that’s quite the momentary artform. What he’s saying really has the ability to convince you of what he means.)
Producer: (What an absolutely brilliant sculpture we’re looking at.)
Producer: (I’m sure that I’ve the got the same expression on my face as Orihara-kun.)
Producer: (Although we’re looking at two different things.)
Producer: You look just as radiant as the sculpture is, Orihara-kun.
Hikaru: If I do, then that’s just because you’re here with me.


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