Hikaru: You seem to be in an even better mood than usual today. Did something good happen?
Producer: Orihara-kun! Actually, the the navigation program we did for that sculpture exhibit the other day has been received really well!
Producer: It went over well enough that they asked us if we’d consider making it a series, which makes me even happier.
Hikaru: I’m glad that’s the case. All I did was say what I was honestly thinking, though.
Producer: That’s what made it good, though. Watching it on air was enough to make me go see the exhibit again.
Producer: It’s really interesting to look at the pieces and recall what you said about them, since it makes you see them in a different light.
Hikaru: …Why didn’t you invite me?
Producer: Eh?
Hikaru: I’ve been thinking the same thing that you have. I’d love to go see those sculptures with you again and again.
Producer: …You really feel that way?
Hikaru: Can I expect an invitation from you next time, Producer?
Producer: Sure. Got it. Then let’s definitely plan something on our next day off…
Hikaru: Fufu! I’m looking forward to your call.
Producer: (He seems incredibly happy… But I guess this means this will be another date, doesn’t it?)
Hikaru: …Producer.
Producer: Wh-what?
Hikaru: Look over here.
Producer: Look? At what…?
Hikaru: At the mirror. You can see our reflections in it. All we have to do is stand together like this, and we’re just as gorgeous as a painting. Don’t you think so?
Hikaru: I think that our beauty could be yet another form of art in itself.
Hikaru: I never would have thought that I’d meet someone that it felt so natural stand next to. I’m truly a lucky man.
Producer: (…If that’s how he feels, then I’m the lucky one here…)
Hikaru: Now then, I suppose it will be my turn to go out soon. Producer. Keep your eyes on my beautiful self the whole time, got it!
Hikaru: Thank you for coming today. That reminds me, I wonder if any of you saw our program on the arts the other day?
Hikaru: It seems that everyone enjoyed it, so that makes me happy, too. It’s proof that you all have art-loving souls within you.
Hikaru: Tonight, we’ll make sure that all of you ladies… No, we’ll make sure that all of you Venuses enjoy yourselves even more than the pleasure that art brings.
Hikaru: And I’ll do so with this beautiful presence of mine, as well as with our songs.
Hikaru: Now then, are you ready to have fun? I hope that you’ll enjoy every last bit of my beauty tonight.


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