Noeru Matsunaga
松永ノエル, Matsunaga Noeru
Noeru Matsunaga
The intellectual iKids!
"Noeru Matsunaga. Noah-niichan came from a place called 'America'. Do you know about it?"
Age 5
Birthday November 9th
Blood Type A
Height 110 cm
Weight 17 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Reading
Fave Food Sandwiches
LeastFave Food Mozuku
Looks up to Noah
Group baby hop


He likes books and is an intelligent boy who often reads thick books. He is a bit of an airhead.


Noeru Matsunaga N (Kouya no Frontier) Noeru Matsunaga N (Cinderella Sindrome) Noeru Matsunaga N

Character LinesEdit

Noeru Matsunaga. What's your name, Miss?
I love picture books. But I can also read books with no pictures, you know?
I like hearing stories about America from Noah-niichan!
Enju-kun told me that I'm a genius. Ehehe.
Toshiyuki-san is very caring. He took care of me many times.
Story Please choose a story that you like. I want to see it too.
Main Story Choose a chapter that you like.
I want to read the story too.
Love Story It's still too early for me to know about love.
Please choose a story.
Shop It seems we can shop here.
Disk Purchase I wonder what should I get?
Friends Do you want to read your friend's info?
Other You can set various things here.

Affection StoryEdit

I like books

Noeru Matsunaga - I like books (1)
Noeru: Ah... Hello. Uhm, where am I?
Noeru: After playing outside, everyone disappeared.
Noeru: Hide and seek. Do you know it? Because I'm "it" I'm the one who has to search for everyone, but...
Noeru: But everyone is really good at hiding, they're very hard to find. I'm tired of searching alone.
Noeru: Hey, Miss, do you want to search together with me?
Noeru: An adult would know everything, right?
Noeru: Together with you I'll surely find everyone quickly.
Noeru: I'm Matsunaga Noeru. Who are you, Miss?

The guitarist I look up to

Noeru Matsunaga - The guitarist I look up to (1)
Noeru: You know what, I started to take lessons in playing guitar.
Noeru: My mother bought one for me when I said that I want to be like Noah-onii-chan someday.
Noeru: Ehehe, isn't it cool?
Noeru: And today, to remember the day I started learning the guitar, I'll take a photo in Noah-onii-chan's clothes.
Noeru: I'm not very good with photos, but... I hope I can get a cool-looking one...
Noeru: Ah, I'll show you today's clothes too, Miss!
Noeru Matsunaga - The guitarist I look up to (2)
Noeru: How is it?
Noeru: This is the first time I show it to people other than my mother, so it's a little embarrassing...
Noeru: It's cool? Really? Do I look like Noah-onii-chan?
Noeru: I'm very happy that I got praised by you! Later I'll show you the photo that gets taken today too.

The Prince of the picture book

Noeru Matsunaga - The Prince of the picture book (1)
Noeru: Let's read this book together, Miss!
Noeru: This is my favorite book.
Noeru: Because the prince in this book looks just like Noah-onii-chan.
Noeru: I want to become like this too... Huh? I can?
Noeru: Ehehe, thank you. This makes me happy.
Noeru Matsunaga - The Prince of the picture book (2)
Noeru: Today I get to be like Noah-onii-chan. I'll put on a crown too.
Noeru: I'm really looking like a prince!
Noeru: I wonder if it would be too much to ask for a white horse.
Noeru: Miss. You'll bring me a white horse, okay?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It is my birthday. I would like to hear a beautiful story.
Toshiyuki Toshiyuki-kun. It is his birthday. Congratulations.
Noah Since it's Noah-san's birthday I'm going to buy him a gift.
Producer I wish you a happy birthday. I’ll give you a picture book.


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