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Producer: (I wonder how long it’ll be until I can go home… Oh?
Producer: Who’s that over there? Surely all of the students have left by now.
Producer: …Well, I guess I’ll go see what’s going on.
Producer: Is that… Eva-kun? Seems like he’s grumbling about something. Though I can’t really hear from where I’m standing…
Producer: If I just get a bit closer, then—)
One who was led into the darkness 1 (1)
Eva: Come no further…
Producer: Eh…?
Eva: [Play] My messiah… Could you give me a moment?
Producer: Eva-kun, what are you talking ab—!!!
Producer: (T-the wind’s suddenly picked up…!)
One who was led into the darkness 1 (2)
Eva: Ha, you’re far more impatient than I had thought… Sammy!
Sammy: Hoo~!
Eva: Fly, become this person’s shield! This is my territory…!
Producer: (The wind’s really howling. What on earth is happening right now?)
Sammy: Hoot!
Producer: What could that master of yours be fighting against? But, to me…
Producer: (It doesn’t look like he’s doing anything but playing in the wind… Come to think of it, there was a warning on the weather report today regarding strong wind.
Producer: It’d be best if I told him to cut this out and come inside the school building.
Producer: That’s my duty as a producer, to think of the safety of Aichuu like Eva-kun first and foremost.)
One who was led into the darkness 1 (3)
Eva: Sammy! Now’s the time!
Sammy: Hoooo—!!
Producer: Kyah…!
Producer: (Wah, I’m gonna fall– …or… not?)
One who was led into the darkness 1 (4)
Eva: Did I not tell you to stay away?
Producer: E-Eva-kun!!
Eva: Are you injured?
Producer: A-ah, no. I’m fine. Thank you…
One who was led into the darkness 1 (5)
Eva: …You look as though you have something to say.
Producer: Eva-kun, what exactly were you doing just now?
Eva: Why, an otherworldly being was drawing near, targeting you.


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