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Producer: “An otherworldly being”…?
Producer: What’s that supposed to mean? And why would something target me?
One who was led into the darkness 2 (1)
Eva: You don’t need to ask any more than that. That is in Messiah’s… in your best interest.
Producer: Don’t say that. I’d like to know more about you.
Producer: Especially seeing as we’ll be working together as friends from now on.
Producer: We still don’t know much about each other, so I think we should probably depend on one another a bit more.
Eva: !
One who was led into the darkness 2 (2)
Eva: I see…. You are…
Producer: ?
Eva: No, it’s nothing.
Eva: There are more important matters to be cautious of. You are being targeted.
Producer: And like I said before, why am I being targeted?
One who was led into the darkness 2 (3)
Eva: That’s…
Eva: …Because you are affiliated with me.
Eva: Yet you may be at ease. I shall let no harm come to you from any place that my eyes can reach.
Eva: …I’ve said a bit too much. Sammy!
Sammy: Hoo!
One who was led into the darkness 2 (4)
Eva: Let’s go home. Before pure darkness replaces the dusk, you should return to the place you’ve come from as well.
Producer: Ah, Eva-kun!
Eva: Farewell.
Producer: He’s gone. What on earth just happened?
Producer: So many things came up all of sudden and I can’t seem to wrap my head around them. …Huh?
Producer: Something fell.
Producer: I’d better look inside to see who dropped this…)
“A wish to see
The one I love
Still exists, though I’ve yet to know its true meaning.

What is that which they call love?
The emotion which I hear
Knows nothing of pain—”

Producer: (This is a poem, right? …It has Eva-kun’s signature, so I suppose it has to be his?
Producer: I still don’t know what all of that was just now, but…
Producer: Perhaps he’s a much cuter person than he seems to be at first glance.)


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