One who was led into the darkness 3 (1)
Eva: Ahh, just like I thought, it’s nowhere to be found… Wonder where I dropped it…
Eva: If somebody were to read that… Oh, what should I do, Sammy?
Sammy: Hooo–, hoot, hoot–
Eva: It’ll be okay? Really? That would be nice, but…
Producer: Eva-kun, do you have a minute?
Eva: W-Wait!
Eva: …Okay! Y-You may enter.
Producer: I finally found you.
Eva: Ha! I have already foretold that you would have business with me.
Producer: This is yours, isn’t it?
Eva: And what is “this” you speak of? Unfortunately those mere words are not sufficient to convey your purpose, as their link to you is not strong eno–
Eva: Th-That’s…!
Producer: It seems that you dropped it when you saved me before, so I’ve been holding onto it.
Producer: I had really wanted to get it back to you sooner, but I couldn’t find a good chance to do so.
One who was led into the darkness 3 (2)
Eva: M-my poem~~!
Producer: Ahaha, that’s a relief. Here, I’ll give it back to you, Eva-kun.
Eva: A-As would be just. I’ll express my thanks to you this once.
One who was led into the darkness 3 (3)
Eva: [Play] I suppose you can be useful every once in a while.
Producer: I’m honored to receive such a compliment.
Eva: B-By the way, you…
Producer: What is it?
Eva: Would you have read or even looked at what was inside…?
Producer: …Why, of course I didn’t.
Eva: Really?
Producer: Y-yeah.
Eva: Do you vow upon the crimson blood flowing within you that what you say is not a lie!?
Producer: N-Naturally!
Eva: …If that’s so, then very well.
One who was led into the darkness 3 (4)
Eva: [Play] Thanks to you, the curtain has been closed on this most pitiable scene. I’m grateful.
Producer: (I was worried that maybe I had read too much into it, but he really is a lovely person.)
One who was led into the darkness 3 (5)
Eva: Sigh… I was worried for a bit there about what was gonna happen, but I’m so glad she didn’t look inside~


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