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Producer: How long has it been since I’ve walked around town so leisurely during Christmas?
Producer: I can’t help but stare at the decorations rather than focus on shopping. But even so… there’s nothing but couples as far as the eye can see.
Takamichi: …Hey, [name].
Producer: Oh? Sanzenin-kun.
Only today 1 (1)
Takamichi: What are you doing in a place like this? What happened to your job?
Producer: We were supposed to film for a drama today, but… They postponed it out of nowhere.
Producer: I had thought that I’d finish up some of my other work, but it’s so rare for me to be able to just wander about in town that I ended up going out.
Producer: Though I suppose that was a mistake… It’s kind of lonely to be walking by yourself on Christmas.
Takamichi: …If that’s the case, you can tag along with me if you want.
Producer: With you? But I’m sure you’ve got some business to take care of, right?
Takamichi: Nothing too important. Besides, you just look so pathetic, out here by yourself on day filled with nothing but couples. So I’ll accompany you.
Takamichi: I’m just that nice, after all!
Producer: Ahaha! Well, if you say so, then maybe I’ll ask you to after all.
Only today 1 (2)
Takamichi: Sure, I’ll stick with you wherever you want to go.
Producer: Ahhh, I couldn’t have had a better time–! Thanks so much for coming with me today, Sanzenin-kun.
Takamichi: It’s not really… something you should thank me that much for…. By the way.
Takamichi: You can hang around with me for Christmas Eve tonight, too, you know?
Producer: Why? I’ve already had plenty of fun with you today, Sanzenin-kun!
Only today 1 (3)
Takamichi: That not what I meant! I was asking if you were planning on being with anyone else tonight!
Producer: Of course, it’s the biggest event for lovers, after all! …Is what I wish I could say, but unfortunately I’ve only got got my job right now.
Producer: Truthfully, I’d only planned on doing some more work today. After that I’ll just go home, maybe make some special food, and go to bed.
Producer: Fufufu… Do I really look like a girl who’s going to be spending Christmas with her boyfriend?
Takamichi: …You’re really such an unfortunate woman, aren’t you.
Producer: Don’t tell me that! I already feel that way about myself when I think about my plans after this!
Only today 1 (4)
Takamichi: Then… You wanna come to my place?
Producer: …“Your place”?
Takamichi: Ah, no, not my place, exactly… I rented out a bar with Issei and Futami to have a party tonight.
Takamichi: If you’ve got time, I could invite you, but…
Takamichi: What do you say?


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