Producer: So this is the bar Sanzenin-kun told me about. …As I expected, it’s a gorgeous place.
*door rattles*
Takamichi: You’re finally here. Just how long did it take you to get ready?
Producer: Girls have a lot of things to do in that respect.
Takamichi: …Not that you’re at an age to be calling yourself a girl.
Producer: And that’s something you should never say to girls! …But ignoring that, you’re looking quite cute.
Takamichi: I-It’s not like I like having these on!
Takamichi: Futami went out and bought some party favors. I have no idea why, but for some reason he bought two Santa hats and only one pair of antlers.
Takamichi: …Then Futami said whoever lost at rock-paper-scissors would be the reindeer, so… I ended up wearing them before I knew it.
Producer: I thought you guys played that game a lot. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you win against those two even once.
Takamichi: Don’t tell me I’m bad at it! …Although I certainly don’t have the upper hand.
Producer: But still, they look good on you. Hey, is there one for me? It won’t be quite as embarrassing if the both of us wear them, right?
Takamichi: Nah, there aren’t anymore reindeer antlers…
Producer: Is there anything else?
Takamichi: Sure, if you want to wear a miniskirt Santa outfit. Futami bought it online.
Takamichi: I kept it just in case you’d say you wanted to wear it.
Producer: There’s absolutely no way that’s happening. Don’t you think it would be better if you wore it? Then I could wear the antlers.
Takamichi: Why would I wear a Santa miniskirt? You’d look infinitely cuter, right?
Producer: …Y-You outright calling me cute is making me embarrassed.
Takamichi: …Ah, that wasn’t anything just now. My tongue slipped. Pay no mind.
Producer: (Doesn’t help for you to just say to ignore it…)
Producer: Oh, but look at that bouquet! How beautiful. Were you in middle of putting it up to decorate? Here, I’ll help.
Takamichi: No. This is…
Takamichi: A Christmas present from me. I-It’s unrelated to the band-aids on my hands.
Producer: (Now that he says that, there wasn’t anything there this afternoon, but now his hands are covered in cuts…)
Takamichi: These are from my garden at home. I couldn’t really think of any other present to get you…
Producer: Thank you. This is the first time I’ve gotten such a lovely bouquet. …You cut your hands on the thorns when you got these, didn’t you?
Takamichi: Wh…! I told you the two weren’t related, didn’t I!?
Producer: I wonder if that’s the truth, hmm~?
Takamichi: Sh-Shut up! That’s something that you should just pretend you didn’t see! Anyway, hurry up and take it already!


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