Takamichi: It’s cold…
Producer: Don’t worry, Sanzenin-kun. Shall I turn the temperature on the A/C up?
Takamichi: No, it’s fine. If you turn it up anymore, it’ll get too dry in here.
Producer: But I can turn on the humidifier, so wouldn’t staying this cold be worse?
Takamichi: It’s fine. This is the last show of the year, so I’d be trouble if I lost my voice.
Takamichi: I can handle this much cold.
Takamichi: And more importantly, I can’t go out looking lame in front all of those people who came to see us.
Producer: Well, you don’t have to push yourself, but… I guess there’s nothing else to be done, huh?
Takamichi: What to do you mean, “nothing else to be done”…?
Takamichi: U-Uwah! Wh-what are you doing!? You’re close, you’re getting way too close!
Producer: But you’re cold, aren’t you? So if I stay close to you, then you might get a bit warmer, right?
Producer: Since it seems this is about all I can do right now…
Takamichi: …Sigh. Can’t do much about this bluff of yours, huh?
Takamichi: You really are warm. Even though your hand and the rest of you is so tiny… You’re incredibly warm.
Producer: No, it’s just that your hands are way too cold. Are you really that nervous?
Takamichi: I-I’m not nervous or anything! My hands are always like this.
Producer: I see. Then winter must be difficult for you, in that case.
Takamichi: True, so how about you just stay like this and keep me warm. Just so that I don’t get cold.
Producer: …You’re rather spoiled today, aren’t you.
Takamichi: I’d say you’re the one indulging me, no?
Producer: Maybe, but… Would you be saying that if Todoroki-kun and Akabane-kun saw this?
Takamichi: Issei and Futami aren’t here. So let me be a tiny bit spoiled, just for today.
Producer: You’re not spoiled on every other day?
Takamichi: Even if I am, pretty please.
Producer: Ahaha… Understood!
Takamichi: It just keeps getting colder today. Did any of you see the snow swirling about before you got here?
Takamichi: I don’t like the cold, but somehow, seeing the snow has always made me feel excited.
Takamichi: With this next song, we’ll make the snow start to fall right here.We’ll make all of you feel as uplifted as I did.
Takamichi: But no need to worry if you’re like me and can’t take the cold, got it? I’ll hold your hand tight to keep you warm.
Takamichi: Though my hand still might be a little cold trying to warm you up if it’s not a certain someone.


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