Producer: Ah, it's Lucas-kun.
Producer: (He's making a somewhat grim face... He's wearing headphones too, I wonder if he's compopsing?)
Producer: (I'll try not to disturb him, so I'll move quietly...)
Origin of the composition 1 (1)
Lucas: Hey.
Producer: Wah!?
Origin of the composition 1 (2)
Lucas: ... You don't need to be so surprised.
Producer: Eh, because I didn't think you would talk to me.
Lucas: ... Is it annoying if I'm talking to you?
Producer: That's not it, I'm happy! But you always get in a really sour mood when someone talks to you while you compose...
Origin of the composition 1 (3)
Lucas: ... I'm not in a sour mood.
Producer: (He always seems to have that really unpleasant look on his face whenever I try to speak to him, but...)
Lucas: ... It's fine to talk to me like you talk to the other members of the band.
Producer: Eh...?
Lucas: ... That's the same from before, what's the matter. You're way too surprised!
Producer: Because you usually never said these things before, Lucas-kun.
Lucas: ... I reconsidered a little.
Producer: Reconsidered?
Lucas: What I say towards you may have been coldhearted... But I don't mean it like that...
Lucas: So looking at your reaction, it seems like our interactions never went very well after all.
Producer: You shouldn't really mind such things! It's fine to do like you would want to, Lucas-kun.
Producer: ... So, what is your problem?
Origin of the composition 1 (4)
Lucas: ... I'm in trouble. And I'd like to ask for you help.
Producer: (The day Lucas-kun is relying on me like this has come...!)
Producer: If there's something I can help with, tell me!
Lucas: ... I've reached my limits with the chorus. There is something lacking. But I don't know what is lacking.
Producer: It'll be fine if we think about it together, no?
Lucas: No, you're not doing anything.
Producer: Eh...? Then what should I?
Origin of the composition 1 (5)
Lucas: Music just comes to my mind on a whim... but recently, when looking at you, I get inspiration.
Lucas: That's why you don't do anything and just accompany me for a little while, if you don't mind.
Producer: ... I understand. Well then, please let me stay next to you.

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