Orihiro Ryugu
竜宮織弘, Ryuuguu Orihiro
Orihiro Ryugu
The competitive iKids!
"The second of the triplets, Orihiro Ryugu! I'm playing catch with Tora sometimes! I definitely won't lose against Tora!"
Age 13
Birthday November 1st
Blood Type B
Height 166 cm
Weight 48 kg
Additional Information
Special Skill Watching sports
Fave Food Takoyaki
LeastFave Food Nameko
Looks up to Torahiko Kusakabe
Group bitter jump


The second son of the triplets who hates to lose. He often loses fights against Tatsuomi and has to be consoled by Toshiyuki.


Orihiro Ryuga N (Fukuzatsu Paradox) Orihiro Ryugu N (Wild Pitch Ceremony) Orihiro Ryugu N

Character LinesEdit

My name's Orihiro Ryugu! Remember that I hate losing!
I like watching sports games! Let's go together next time!
I often draw things with Tora! That guy doesn't look like someone older at all!
I lost an argument against Tatsuomi again... even though he's just a shortie~
That Mao... he's definitely underestimating me. I swear I'll beat him up!
Story What's so interesting about this story stuff?
Main Story Anyway, just choose a chapter.
We need to choose a story too? How troublesome.
Love Story Love Story!? It's not that I need to see it or anything...
Come on! Just choose already!
Shop Oh! So this is the shop! Let's pay a visit!
Disk Purchase Do you have something that you want to buy?
Friends Seems like we can look at friend's info!
Other It said that it can do a lot of things!

Affection StoryEdit

Second son of the triplets

Orihiro Ryugu - Second son of the triplets (1)
Orihiro: Oh! Hey, woman!
Orihiro: Hey, you, have you seen a guy who looks similar to me? ... No, actually he doesn't look that similar to me?
Orihiro: I had a fight with him. He's our tiny big brother. Well, actually I wanted to talk to him.
Orihiro: After talking to Toshiyuki, I realized I went too far and angered him. ... I've come to apologize.
Orihiro: But I'm really angry too! What's with that Tatsuomi, he's only my big brother because he was born earlier!
Orihiro: Even though he is way shorter than me~!!
Orihiro: No, that's not right. I've come to apologize. Well, speaking of that, you know your way around here, right?
Orihiro: Please help me find Tatsuomi. ... I would be happy if you could help me to make peace with him too after that.
Orihiro: Because when we're fighting, Toshiyuki won't shut up about apologizing~
Orihiro: So please! Is it alright? Do you have some time to spare?
Orihiro: Hooray, I'm saved! Thank you. I'm Orihiro Ryugu. And you are? What are you even doing here?

The great me is the King!

Orihiro Ryugu - The great me is the King (1)
Orihiro: Hey! Long time no see. Do you remember me?
Orihiro: Oh, so you remembered. That's right, I am one of the triplets, Orihiro Ryugu. Today I'm having some photo shooting, I think?
Orihiro: The details are... Hmm, I think Toshiyuki said something about it to me but I completely forgot. Well, it's alright, alright! I'll manage somehow!
Orihiro: —oh, ah! I remembered! It was today that I'm supposed to wear the outfit of one of the senpai, I think?
Orihiro: I wonder whose costume I'm wearing today... Sounds like it'll be fun! Especially if it's something cool!
Orihiro Ryugu - The great me is the King (2)
Orihiro: How's it, how's it? Does it suit me?
Orihiro: I'd never thought I'd wear Tora's costume.
Orihiro: But this costume just tingles around the neck!
Orihiro: But it's cool, right? Maybe it suits me even better than it does Tora?
Orihiro: Ah! I really want to show it off to Tatsuomi and Toshiyuki too!

Stage leading to the future

Orihiro Ryugu - Stage leading to the future (1)
Orihiro: Amazing... The opening ceremony is in such a huge stadium, huh...
Orihiro: As expected of Tora, I really admire him...!
Orihiro: Eh? The opening ceremony was last week? Then what did you call me for?
Orihiro: Wah, hey! Wait a sec! Don't pull me with you!
Orihiro Ryugu - Stage leading to the future (2)
Orihiro: ... I see, there's a Live at the stadium.
Orihiro: Eh? Am I disappointed that it's not the opening ceremony? No way! I'm not disappointed at all.
Orihiro: Having a baseball dome as a stage as an idol is the best! And I'm happy I'm together with Tora!
Orihiro: Well, but I'm still an iKids so I'm not an idol. That's why I'm looking forward to becoming an I-Chu.
Orihiro: ... What's with that puzzled face. Someday I'll be an I-Chu, you know?
Orihiro: Of course you'll be my Producer when that time comes, right?

Appears inEdit

Birthday QuotesEdit

Own It’s my birthday! Give me something delicous!
Mao Happy birthday, Mao! After this I’ll treat you to something!
Torahiko I wonder what present Tora wants? Since today is his birthday and all~
Producer Happy birthday! I hope you got what you wished for!


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