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Producer: Sorry I’m late…
Person that lives in darkness 1 (1)
Eva: Pay it no mind, Messiah. I had already been informed by Sammy that you would be tardy.
Producer: I got a sudden phone call… could it be that you were worried?
Eva: W-worried, you say?! Why would I worry…
Producer: I guessed you sent Sammy to have a look since I didn’t arrive on time.
Eva: Such a thing is unthinkable. I was merely on the lookout in case a resident of the other realm tried to lay its hands on you, like happened before.
Producer: I think that’s usually called worrying…
Person that lives in darkness 1 (2)
Eva: S-silence! Do not make me deny it again and again!
Producer: Don’t get so worked up. I was just expressing my hope that it was the case.
Eva: Hope…?
Producer: That it would be nice if you worried about me. Kinda late to say that, no?
Producer: Well, let’s talk about work. I’ll work hard on my side to be helpful to you!
Person that lives in darkness 1 (3)
Eva: I have done it all by myself until now. Just your wish to help is…
Producer: Is?
Eva: …We were going to discuss the new song today, was it?
Producer: (Ah, he dodged the question.)
Producer: (He’s blushing. Would be nice if he could say it without getting embarrassed.)
Person that lives in darkness 1 (4)
Eva: Hey, are you listening?
Producer: Oh, yeah. Er… what were we talking about, again?
Eva: It was concerning the outfits. For the next song, I am thinking about a mainly red color scheme… these are rough sketches.
Producer: …You drew these, Eva-kun?
Eva: Who else is here? I drew them while you did not come, so they are as rough as it gets.
Person that lives in darkness 1 (5)
Eva: I will add more details and arrange a meeting with the stylist.
Producer: This has been on my mind for a while–do you design the outfits for RE:BERSERK every time?
Eva: That is because clothes that already exist are not suitable for us.
Producer: Amazing… you are very thorough.
Eva: Do not admire such an obvious thing. We are unique existences; it is only natural we are clad in equally unique garments.
Person that lives in darkness 1 (6)
Eva: …It is natural, so do not flatter me with words such as ‘amazing’.


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