Producer: Eva-kun, it might be natural to you, but to me it’s something special.
Producer: I’ve been to meetings about how to rearrange existing outfits, but making them from scratch like this is a first.
Producer: Nothing less from the ‘Eva-sama’ Yamanobe-kun and Jumonji-kun adore.
Person that lives in darkness 2 (1)
Eva: …Are you making fun of me?
Producer: No way. Those are my honest thoughts.
Eva: Well then. Next is the choreography.
Producer: (I wonder if he’s not used to being praised… he’s always been their own producer, after all…)
Producer: (But I won’t let him shoulder it all alone forever. From now on, I’ll do what I can, too.)
Producer: (… I want to become dependable to him soon.)
Person that lives in darkness 2 (2)
Eva: The theme of the moves has already been decided–’that which I cannot help but desire’.
Producer: …That idea’s different from your previous ones.
Eva: …What makes you think so?
Producer: I can’t word it too well, but… it’s because your moves until now were like some powerful force emanated from the three of you.
Producer: Putting it your way, ‘we shall impart our power to you’ or something like that.
Producer: Did something happen to change your state of mind?
Person that lives in darkness 2 (3)
Eva: Change my mind…?
Eva: ...
Eva: ……
Producer: Eva-kun? Your face’s red, are you okay? Did I say something weird—
Person that lives in darkness 2 (4)
Eva: Now, you! As if I can say something this embarrassing out loud!
Producer: Huh?!
Eva: You should know, being always by my side! Use your head a little!
Producer: U-uh, Eva-kun?
Eva: Today’s meeting ends here. I am returning! Come, Sammy!
Producer: Hey, wait…!
Producer: (Did I make him angry…?)
Producer: Sigh, I did it again. Even though I had no intention to anger him… What did I say wrong?
Person that lives in darkness 2 (5)
Eva: What do you mean, change of mind… no way I can say it…!
Eva: Isn’t there only one thing ‘I cannot help but desire’ that appeared lately…


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