Producer: (Eva-kun spares no effort with the dance checks until the last minute.)
Producer: (That said…)
Producer: So beautiful…
Person that lives in darkness 3 (1)
Eva: !
Producer: (He stopped dancing…?)
Producer: Great work, Eva-kun.
Eva: Sure… do you have business with me?
Producer: I wouldn’t call it business… your dancing was really beautiful, so I was lost in admiration.
Producer: It’s beautiful how the outfit flutters when you make turns.
Person that lives in darkness 3 (2)
Eva: Hah, that’s obvious.
Producer: Huh?
Eva: That is because it was planned that way. The outfit, moves and all else were made so as to make me appear beautiful.
Producer: (That’s a second gen for you! You can’t build it up with those things in mind from the beginning if you don’t know your appeal points…)
Eva: It is this beauty that makes us who we are, after all.
Person that lives in darkness 3 (3)
Eva: Well, not that it is all there is to us…
Eva: …Hey, are you listening?
Producer: …I’d thought I’d been preparing things with the final result in mind, but I’m no match for you.
Producer: From the get-go, you decide the outfits and moves in order to achieve the ideal you’ve conceived.
Producer: That’s what I call a veteran I-chu!
Person that lives in darkness 3 (4)
Eva: ?!
Eva: …The other day, you questioned me about the theme of the moves, am I right?
Eva: I would not mind answering now.
Producer: I’d like to hear.
Eva: Is that so… then be thankful.
Person that lives in darkness 3 (5)
Eva: I am only saying it once, so accept it gladly!
Eva: That which I cannot help but desire’ would be you.
Producer: Eh, me…?
Eva: Messiah of mine… You are light. Warm light capable of enticing even a resident of darkness like me, the Bloody Master.
Eva: It is only when I am with you that my heart finds peace… this is the first time this happens.
Person that lives in darkness 3 (6)
Eva: How do humans describe this feeling? Will you not teach me, Messiah?
Eva: I want to know what it truly is.


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