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This is the page that has the list of question made during calls by the other characters. Click on a character's name to see his questions and the other's answers.
Note: Several of their lines are translated into the same line, but what differs is the way they say it. For ex. Seiya uses "ze" at the end, Satsuki "da", Mutsuki "yo" while Noah "desu"

Akira Mitsurugi Seiya Aido Kanata Minato
Mitsurugi Akira Twitter Icon
Seiya Aido Twitter Icon
Minato Kanata Twitter Icon
I wish you could answer it. It's a phone call! Helloo~
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Satsuki Kururugi Mutsuki Kururugi
Kururugi Satsuki Twitter Icon
Kururugi Mutsuki Twitter Icon
It's a phone call! It's a phone call~
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Noah Leon Li Chaoyang
Noah Twitter Icon
Leon Twitter Icon
Li Qiaoyan Twitter Icon
It's a phone call. 't's a phone call! Helloo~
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Rabi Lucas
Lavi Twitter Icon
Lucas Twitter Icon
Hello. It's a phone call.
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Raku Wakaouji Orihara Hikaru Torahiko Kusakabe
Raku Wakaouji Twitter Icon
Orihara Hikaru Twitter Icon
Kusakabe Torahiko Twitter Icon
Do answer me~ It's me! Sup!
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Kyosuke Momoi Akio Tobikura Shiki Amabe
Momoi Kyosuke Twitter Icon
Tobikura Akio Twitter Icon
Amabe Shiki Twitter Icon
Clink! He-Hello? Li~ttle kitten♪
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Momosuke Oikawa Kokoro Hanabusa Runa Kagurazaka
Momosuke icon
Hanabusa Kokoro Twitter Icon
Runa icon
It's Momo~ Open it! Can I have a bit of your time?
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Futami Akabane Issei Todoroki Takamichi Sanzenin
Akabane Futami Twitter Icon
Todoroki Isei Twitter Icon
Sanzenin Takamichi Twitter Icon
It's the NEET It's annoying so hurry up and open it. It's a phone call. Is it okay to not answer it?
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Ban Jumonji Eva Armstrong Mio Yamanobe
(Guilty Crown) Yamanobe Mio Twitter Icon
(Bloody Master) Eva Armstrong Twitter Icon
(Death Kronos) Jumonji Ban Twitter Icon
I'm hungry! Hurry and stop that ringing scream. Amdusias! [1]
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Tsubaki Rindo Toya Honoki Tatsumi Madarao Aoi Kakitsubata
Rindou Tsubaki Twitter Icon
Hoonoki Tooya Twitter Icon
Madarao Tatsumi Twitter Icon
Kakitsubata Aoi Twitter Icon
Oh, the phone's ringing. Hello~ Sup! Yahoo!
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Saku Uruha Kuro Yakaku Baber
Saku Uruha 100k campaign icon
Kuro Yakaku 100k campaign icon
Baber 100k campaign icon
Pirorirorin~ Oi! Hmm...answer.
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