Please take care of me 1 (1)
Producer: Good morning, Madarao-kun
Tatsumi: Oh, Producer...You're early like always
Producer: It would be shameful for a producer to come later than the I-chu's they're in charge of, right?
Tatsumi: Haha, that's true too. Anyways, it sure is cold...
Producer: It's because you're in such thin clothes...You need to take care not to catch a cold.
Tatsumi: I'll immediately change anyways so it's fine. Let's go now.
Producer: Okay. Ah, but before that, I'll give you this.
Please take care of me 1 (2)
Tatsumi: What?
Producer: It's a heating pack. Better than not having it at all right?
Tatsumi: ...Thank you. I will gladly accept it.
Producer: You're welcome...Anyways
Tatsumi: There's still more?
Producer: No, I just thought "why are we pounding mochi at a shinto shrine today"
Producer: I thought the mochi pounding was done at New Year's...
Please take care of me 1 (3)
Tatsumi: ...Haha~n. So there are customs you don't know too♪
Producer: Eh???
Tatsumi: Why pound the mochi at New Year's? Like that the mochi pounding won't have sense at all.
Producer: ...What do you mean?
Tatsumi: ...The mochi is an offering to invite the Toshigami [1] at your house and celebrate the New Year.
Tatsumi: That's why, there's no sense if there isn't mochi ready on New Years.
Tatsumi: No one wouldn't start cooking something after inviting guests over, right?
Producer: Hee, so that's it's meaning. As expected, you know a lot about it.
Please take care of me 1 (4)
Tatsumi: I think it's you that doesn't know anything, you know?
Producer: Tha-that's not true...maybe
Tatsumi: What's up with that "maybe"
Producer: Ah, isn't it about time for you to go change your clothes now? Kakitsubata-kun called me saying that he headed to change earlier.
Tatsumi: Shoot...he cheated didn't he? Well, it's fine. Alright, I'll go to change. It's been a while since I last wore a hakama!
Producer: Do you need help to change?
Tatsumi: You think I'm a brat don't you! I can manage to wear a hakama alone!
Please take care of me 1 (5)
Tatsumi: Ah! Or do you perhaps want to see me while I'm changing?! What a woman!
Producer: I didn't mean it like that! Geez...don't say things bad for the heart.


  1. Toshigami are thought to be deities of the year believed to bring with each New Year. Toshigami are also thought to be the spirits of ancestors.

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