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Please take care of me 2 (1)
Tatsumi: Alright. I wore the hakama and the mallet is ready. I'm getting fired up!
Producer: You seem quite enthusiastic, Madarao-kun.
Please take care of me 2 (2)
Tatsumi: That's because it's been a while since I last made mochi. At home we make them all together you know?
Producer: Hee...You make mochi at home? Nowadays it's unusual.
Tatsumi: Yep, I'm often told that. Well, it was normal for me to do it ever since I was young so I don't really know
Producer: When you say you did it with all the family it means there were your parents and, you had...a brother too, right?
Please take care of me 2 (3)
Tatsumi: Yes. I have an older brother and an older sister so we are three kids in our family.
Tatsumi: There are also my parents and grandparents...Ah, and my brother's wife gave birth to a kid too...
Producer: That's a pretty large family
Tatsumi: Yep. That's why the quantity to make isn't small. The most usual amount we make is around 50 kg maybe?
Producer: Tha-that much....!
Please take care of me 2 (4)
Tatsumi: We give it to the neighbourhood too. Our mochi is really delicious you know?
Producer: Incredible...Then, today's mochi pounding won't be satisfactory at all for you
Tatsumi: Well, in it's place I'll show you plenty of my gallant figure. I would like to gather other participants too
Producer: True. But, they will increase more and more. This event has gathered a lot of attention after all.
Please take care of me 2 (5)
Tatsumi: Haha, it must be so
Please take care of me 2 (6)
Tatsumi: Alright! To live up to their expectations we'll show them lots of activities
Producer: (As expected of Madaro-kun. He's reliable...)
Please take care of me 2 (7)
Tatsumi: ...Why are you grinning like that, Producer
Producer: Uhm? I was just thinking that I'm glad you will participate in this event.
Tatsumi: What's up all of a sudden. If you say such things I can't answer anything you know?
Producer: I wasn't expecting an answer or anything. Anyways, I'm really looking forward to it. I want to check how you look when you're pounding mochi.
Please take care of me 2 (8)
Tatsumi: ....Check? Isn't it fine to just look at it?
Producer: I can't do that. I'll be helping with the cooking after all.
Please take care of me 2 (9)
Tatsumi: ....What's with that. So you won't come to see me.
Producer: ...Don't talk with such a sad voice
Tatsumi: I-I'm not really sad though
Tatsumi: ...No, that's a lie after all. I want you to come and see me.
Producer: ! You're pretty honest today aren't you
Tatsumi: Shut up. It can't be helped. I'm sad that you won't come to see me, but I give up.
Please take care of me 2 (10)
Tatsumi: Instead you have to give the mochi you cooked to me before everyone else!

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