*sneak sneak*
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (1)
Lucas: Nobody's here...
Lucas: ... Alright. Time to begin...
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (2)
Chaoyang: Nnn... I got thirsty...
Lucas: ......
Chaoyang: ... Oh? Did you also get thirsty, Lucas?
Lucas: Ye, yeah...
Chaoyang: Oh? Why are you wearing an apron--
Chaoyang: .........
Chaoyang: ......!
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (3)
Chaoyang: Lucas! Don, don't...! Noah-san will get angry!
Lucas: Then, then keep this a secret!
Chaoyang: It's impossible to keep this a secret! Because I'm very afraid of it getting exposed...!
Lucas: It's alright. Because I will forget that you were even here tonight, Chaoyang.
???: What is alright?
Lucas & Chaoyang: !?
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (4)
Noah: I thought it was noisy, so I got up and came here...
Chaoyang: Hawawa...!
Noah: Leaving Chaoyang aside...
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (5)
Noah: Lucas?
Lucas: ... What?
Noah: I think I told you to not enter the kitchen like that?
Lucas: Ca, calm down, Noah. I didn't say anything because I thought I'd practise improving my cooking skills.
Lucas: If I don't practise, I won't become better, you know? That's why I need to enter the kitchen.
Noah: ... Say, do you remember what happened last time I gave you permission?
Lucas: ... I just made a few loud noises.
Noah: A few? So... The smoke detectors reacted to the huge pillar of fire and that sound caused the startled Chaoyang to trip violently.
Noah: And the cooking that Sebastian made that turned into a complete disaster is what you call a few, Lucas?
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (6)
Lucas: ... My choice of words was poor.
Noah: Seems like you understand. Well then, quickly go back to bed.
Lucas: No, I'll practise cooking--
Noah: You see, Lucas. If you go to the kitchen in the middle of the night like this again, I might use my authority as the owner of this house and have you share a room with Leon.
Lucas: !?
Noah: I feel sorry for Leon, but someone needs to keep watch after all. But this is also a way to help protect the house--
Lucas: I, I get it! I will never try to cook in the kitchen again!
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (7)
Noah: It's good that you understand. Well then, I will go back to bed too.
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (8)
Noah: Lucas, Chaoyang. Sweet dreams...
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (9)
Chaoyang: Maybe because of waking up, Noah-san was ten times scarier than usual...!
Lucas: ... Damn!
Chaoyang: Uh!?
Lucas: Ah... I'm sorry, Chaoyang. I startled you.
Chaoyang: D, don't mind... but everyone has his strong and weak points after all...
Chaoyang: That's why I think you don't need to be impatient when it comes to cooking, Lucas...
Lucas: I understand that. I understand, but I want to get better at cooking...
Lucas: (If there was a place where I could openly practise cooking... I'm sure even I would become better at it!)
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (10)
Leon: Hey, hey.
Lucas: ... What?
Leon: Pull yourself together, fix your mood! Are you still depressed because of yesterday?
Leon: Chaoyang is a lot more nervous and scared, I wonder if you noticed that he's not getting close to you, Lucas.
Lucas: I noticed. However, why am I not supposed to go into the kitchen.
Leon: Well, that's probably... because of that.
Lucas: Don't be vague! Hah... I think you'll never understand the feelings I have about being forbidden to enter the kitchen.
Leon: Even I am not allowed to cook, you know? But I'm permitted to make black tea.
Lucas: Haah...
Leon: But, don't listen to that!
Noah: Ah, there you are. Lucas, I looked for you!
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (11)
Lucas: Uh! Noah!
Noah: ? Why are you surprised? I wonder if you talked about something that would be bad if I heard?
Leon: Not at all! We didn't talk about something like that at all! Right, Lucas!
Lucas: Yeah...
Noah: Well, then it's fine... By the way, Lucas. You've been called by the Producer.
Lucas: Called?
Noah: Yes. It's seems like it's about work. I'll listen to it too, so I'll come with you.
Poison×Poisson Event 1 (12)
Leon: Eeh!? Work for Lucas! I'm super curious too, so I'll come with you~!
Lucas: Even though the news is for me, why is Leon excited.
Lucas: (But thinking about a different thing now will probably distract me...)

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