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Poison×Poisson Event 2 (1)
Noah: Producer. I brought Lucas.
Producer: Ah, Noah-kun! Thank you... wait, oh? Leon-kun is also here!
Leon: Producer! It's only work for Lucas, but! I'm suuuper curious!
Lucas: Idiot! Don't get greedy suddenly!
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (2)
Noah: I'm sorry, Producer. Leon tagged along as a bonus.
Producer: Outside of Lucas-kun it isn't really anyone's business.
Producer: How should I put it, because I think it'd be right to hear the opinion of others than Lucas-kun too...
Leon: ? Is it that serious?
Producer: Yes...
Lucas: (Why does Producer make such a serious face too... ... wait, could it be!?)
Lucas: Don't say that bear is scheming something again!?
Producer: Eh...? No, no! This time the President is not related to it at all!
Lucas: But then why are you making such a serious face!
Noah: I'm also curious what kind of work Lucas got. Come on, hurry and tell us, Producer.
Leon: Stop keeping us in suspense!
Producer: ... I understand. As a matter of fact, the job offer certainly requested Lucas-kun, and... that is--
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (3)
Lucas & Noah & Leon: That is?
Producer: Lucas-kun's appearance............ in a cooking show--
Noah & Leon: Refused!
Lucas: Hey!!!
Producer: The reason is, a certain program producer saw the variety show in which you appeared together with Tenjyou Tenge a while ago by chance.[1]
Producer: It seems like they liked it and want to have an example of Lucas-kun's cooking, so they made a direct offer.
Leon: Does that producer want someone to die in their own program?
Noah: If someone might die or similar there is no way we can overlook this situation...
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (4)
Lucas: Stop joking around!
Leon & Noah: We aren't joking!
Lucas: Guh...
Producer: I was thinking about refusing as well, but since I didn't want to disregard Lucas-kun's feelings, I called you here...
Producer: What about it, Lucas-kun? Do you want to do it?
Lucas: I'm...
Lucas: ............
Lucas: ...... I'm doing it. I will take that offer, Producer!
Noah: Kh!? Are you sane, Lucas!
Lucas: Don't stop me, Noah. This is a chance for me.
Lucas: Up until now I've always wanted to overcome my sense in cooking.
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (5)
Lucas: And the chance to do that has finally come around. Such an opportunity won't come twice!
Noah: Lucas... that you'll go that far... But, even so--
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (6)
Noah: Leon?
Leon: So far I'm saying this as a comrade. If you're a man you should silently support. Isn't that right?
Noah: ... Fu. So Leon can say good things once in a while.
Leon: Was that a compliment?
Noah: Of course.
Lucas: Leon, Noah! Well then--
Poison×Poisson Event 2 (7)
Noah: However! Practising in my house is forbidden.
Lucas: Eh?
Noah: Isn't that obvious? We just renovated the kitchen after that small fire the other day.
Noah: I can't let the destruction of the kitchen in my house pass anymore.
Leon: Then the first thing we'll need to do is looking for a place where you're able to practise...
Noah: Don't forget to make sure to be always near and keep watch.
Leon: Eh?
Noah: When Lucas tries to do something dangerous... Leon. Then you'll have to stop Lucas.
Leon: Se, seriously... but, since Lucas is especially motivated, I'm going to assist him perfectly!
Lucas: On the contrary, that makes me anxious...
Producer: Uhm... Since Noah-kun gave you the permission, in that case I'll take care of contacting them.
Lucas: Yeah. Like one would expect I'll polish my cooking ability until the performance, so please inform them.
Lucas: (My chance finally came! This is opportunity to definitely become good at cooking!)
  1. Creation Chapter 28 I♥B's TV Debut!

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