Poison×Poisson Event 3 (1)
Leon: And for that reason, I called special teachers for you today!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (2)
Runa: I don't know whether or not I'll be helpful, but I will try the best I can do.
Aoi: I'll do what little I can to help Lucas get even a little better at cooking.
Lucas: That's reassuring! I'll be in your care.
Leon: Thank you for gathering for Lucas' sake! Now then, let's start at once...
Runa: Uhm... but I have one question. Is Lucas-san's cooking really in such a bad state?
Aoi: .........
Leon & Lucas: .........
Runa: If even Aoi-san is silent, then it certainly has to be...
Aoi: Usually if a man cooks, it's not something worth worrying about to me, but you indeed can't leave that alone...
Leon: It'd be simpler if you just see it, right? Hey, I have some pictures on my smartphone left.
Lucas: Wait! When did you take photos of my cooking!
Leon: Don't mind the details, don't mind~ Here, Runa-chan.
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (3)
Runa: Let me see... uh!?!? ※☆%#★~~!?
Aoi: Ru, Runa-kun!? Just what language did you just use?
Leon: Get a hold of yourself!?
Runa: Hah!? ... Me of all people have been trembling...
Lucas: (Is it that bad!?)
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (4)
Runa: But after seeing that I understand. Perhaps there are some drastic measures necessary here...
Aoi: If I was alone I wouldn't have any confidence in this, but it's reassuring if I'm being together with Runa-kun.
Aoi: Lucas! We got your back, so leave it to us.
Runa: Let's do our best all together!
Lucas: Yeah! Thanks to the both of you!
Runa: Well, then let's begin. The main dish Lucas-san was going to show on the day of the appearance was a fish dish, right?
Lucas: Yeah. It looks like they decide the topic each round and this time it seems to be a fish based dish.
Aoi: Well then, we could start by making an easy fish soup, we could try making a miso soup.
Runa: That's a good idea! It's impossible to fail at miso soup.
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (5)
Lucas: I understand. What should I do first?
Aoi: First you'll prepare the fish. The main part of it gets mashed into paste and made into dumplings.
Runa: We'll use the remaining portions as soup stock. Well, but the handling of the knife...
*ssu ssu*
Aoi: Heeh... Considering you're doing it for the first time, your handling of it is pretty good, isn't it!
Lucas: ... Handling a kitchen knife is my speciality.
Leon: That's strange~ You're prepraing it so beautifully, yet the finished dish doesn't have any form.
*cut cut*
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (6)
Runa: Aah! Le, Leon-san! Please look at your hands! Aah~, how dangerous!
Leon: I want to help cutting the vegetables that get put into the soup, but with the way I cut them, they all come out crooked!
Lucas: Leon, you're in the way! Get out of the kitchen!
Leon: I don't want that said to me by you, Lucas! When you're even worse at cooking than me!
Lucas: No matter how you look at it currently, I seem to be better at cooking than you!
Aoi: Hey! No disgraceful fights like that during cooking! Concentrate on preparing the fish!
Lucas: Uuh... I'm sorry...
Runa: Seems like you finished the preparing. Because I took care of heating the pot, we'll put in these left overs to make the soup stock.
Lucas: Yes, I understand. We'll make a delicious soup stock.
*splash splash*
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (7)
Aoi: Good, good! Put the leftovers in slowly--
Runa & Aoi: Eh...
Lucas: Alright!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (8)
Runa & Aoi: That's not "alright"!!
Lucas: Hm? Why are you so surprised?
Runa: Wh, why?! Because I can't believe what you just did, Lucas-san!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (9)
Lucas: You can't believe what I just did... But I was just putting the fish into it in order to make the soup stock...
Aoi: No, no! You were supposed to put in the leftovers, but why did you put in a whole fish tail that you didn't even prepare at the end!?
Lucas: What do you mean "why", it was left...
Runa: That was a mistake!
Lucas: ... Don't you put in the whole thing so you can obtain a lot of soup?
Aoi: The smell of un-prepared fish will remain at this rate!
Lucas: ... Is that so?
Aoi & Runa: It is!
Leon: ... Yep. I had a feeling it would turn out this way!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (10)
Runa: Lucas-san!? What did you put in just now!?
Lucas: Potato starch. Because the fish dumplings collapsed when I put them into the pot, I put potato starch in it so they would solidify again.
Runa: Even if you say that, if you put it into boiling water, the miso soup will turn from liquid into solid!?
Aoi: Lucas!? Why did the miso soup become purple!?
Lucas: ... I don't know either.
Aoi: No, no! Even Mio couldn't make such an ominous looking pot!?
Runa: Nooo! The pot is starting to melt~! Someone get the fire extinguisher!!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (11)
Leon: Leave the fire extinguisher to me!
Poison×Poisson Event 3 (12)
Aoi & Runa: No... no more... We give up...
Lucas: Wh, why!?
Leon: Well, thought this would happen~

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