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Poison×Poisson Event 4 (1)
Lucas: Haah...
Leon: Hey, hey. Is such a tone alright?
Lucas: There is no way it's alright...
Lucas: Runa and Aoi went through great trouble and took the time to teach me, and now it's the day of the performance and yet there are no signs I got any better.
Leon: Well, even those two who are good at cooking gave up. Isn't that another kind of talent?
Lucas: I never thought I was this hopeless when it comes to cooking, I can't believe it...
Lucas: No... matter what I do, it's unfinished. Cooking... and seems like being an idol too.
Lucas: If I had some kind of special talent, I wonder if I wouldn't have become this desperate...
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (2)
Leon: Lucas... I think "If I only had talent" is not a good thing to say.
Leon: After all, when it comes to talent, if the person himself doesn't make the best use out of it, it's waste.
Leon: Besides... there's also talents the person himself doesn't desire.
Lucas: Leon...?
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (3)
Leon: Ah... sorry, Somehow I got a bit gloomy there! Anyway!
Leon: This time the offer that came to you was a direct request by a director who saw your efforts, Lucas!
Leon: That's why you should think about that program director and show it to them!
Lucas: Well, but wouldn't it be wiser to think about the judge who will taste the cooking?
Leon: Geez! This is why you're such a thickhead!
Leon: The number one thing I want to say here is that you show the true Lucas to all your fans!
Lucas: But...
Leon: Aaa enough! Lucas is a huge idiot! Have you brought the tuppers with the cooking you made this morning?
Lucas: Yeah... just in case when I'll end up making horrible looking goods, so I made good-looking ones this morning...
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (4)
Leon: Lend me that!
Lucas: That's fine, but what are you going to do with that?
Leon: This! ... Let's eat!!
Lucas: Huh! What are you doing!?
Leon: Nn!? *Gulp gulp* ...
*munch munch*
Lucas: H-hey... are you alright? You're crying, Leon...
Leon: That's it... Tears are coming out because there are onions in this!
Lucas: No, but I didn't put any onions in it...
Leon: Shut up! *bite* ... *gulp*
Lucas: (This is bad... Leon's face is getting more and more pale. If I don't stop him...)
Lucas: Leon, that's enough! You don't have to eat it if it's bad!
Lucas: No more... I don't want to see you suffer because of my cooking!
Leon: That's why I said shut up, Lucas! I never said a single word of it being bad, did I!
Leon: Since I'll show you how I'll eat everything right now!
*munch munch*
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (5)
Lucas: (Why... why? Why are you going that far--)
Leon: Upp... Th, thanks... for the meal...
Lucas: You really did eat everything...
Leon: How was it? I wouldn't have been able to eat it all if you compare it to before, so didn't you get better?
Lucas: Why... why are you going that far?
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (6)
Leon: Why? ... You're my important bassist.
Leon: Even if your cooking is bad, if someone's insulting you, I just can't be silent, Lucas.
Leon: Because to us, you're a companion like no other!
Lucas: Leon...
Leon: So just do it as you'd usually do it. I think that's what the people that love you would want.
Leon: And because I like it better that way too!
Lucas: Leon... Merci.
Leon: You bet! Come on, go to the studio already and prepare.
Leon: Since I'll be watching from the audience with Noah, Runa-chan and the others!
Lucas: Yeah! See you later!
*tap tap*
Leon: Do your best... Lucas.
Moderator: Today we're presenting to you too, "Knowledge of the celebrity chef"! Today's guest is Lucas-kun of the currently discussed I-Chu!
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (7)
Lucas: It's a pleasure...
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (8)
Rabi: Aah... What a wooden greeting...
Noah: Even if he weren't so nervous, it's alright. We should be the ones who are worried...
Noah: Lucas is standing in the kitchen at this time.
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (9)
Aoi: As long as there aren't any unnecessary arrangements it... shouldn't be a problem.
Runa: That's right. If there aren't any unnecessary arrangements.
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (10)
Ren: Everyone's being nervous, is Lucas' cooking this bad?
Noah: Hey, Ren. You came to watch too. ... Rabi, in case something happens, I'll entrust him to you.
Rabi: Leave it to me. Because when it becomes the picture of hell an elementary school student shouldn't see, I'll cover Ren's eyes...
Chaoyang: ... I'm, I'm scared.
Producer: Cha, Chaoyang-kun. If you hide behind me, you won't see anything?
Producer: (Lucas-kun... Do your best!)
Poison×Poisson Event 4 (11)
Moderator: Well then, let's start the cooking at once! Today's topic is a fish based dish!
Lucas: (It'll be alright. I can do it if I try to follow along what Aoi and Runa have taught me.)
Lucas: (I'll serve a dish that I make as the true me. Leon... Just like you taught me at the end!)

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