Poison×Poisson Event 5 (1)
Moderator: 3... 2... 1... And finish!
Moderator: Are you ready to serve the food? Lucas-kun.
Lucas: Sure!
Moderator: Ooh! What great confidence. Well then, let's have today's judge taste the cooking immediately!
French Chef: Hmhm. Its appearance has a vivid color, the arrangement is beautiful.
Lucas: Merci. Because I am friends with an artist, I tried to use his colors as a reference.
Food Critic: Because I saw seasonings I have never seen before being used, I'm looking forward to what it'll taste like.
Lucas: Merci. The seasoning was mixed specially for this occasion. For that I took advice from a friend with knowledge of medical herbs.
Gourmet Reporter: Wonderful! You've done various preparations for today's dish! I seem to be able to have expectations!
Lucas: Merci. For the sake of this program, many friends cooperated with me.
Moderator: Ooh. Lucas-kun has many good friends.
Lucas: Merci. Now, taste the cooking freely!
Moderator: Well then, the judges, please! Taste the cooking!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (2)
French Chef: ..................~~ ~~!?!?
Food Critic: Guhu!?!? ...... I'm seeing a river--
Gourmet Reporter: AAAAAA!!!! An un... known... tas... te...
Moderator: Uwaaaaah----!!!! What is this!? Someone! Someone call an ambulance--!!
~Please stay tuned~
Rabi: This happening was to be expected...
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (3)
Noah: ... Oh my god! Rabi, what about Ren!?
Rabi: It's alright, I'm already covering his eyes.
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (4)
Ren: Hm, Rabi. I can't see in front of me.
Rabi: I'm sorry, Ren. Can you wait a little longer?
Producer: I, I'll... apologize to the staff!!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (5)
Chaoyang: *shaking!!*
Runa: What a dreadful destructive power... You could say it's just like an ultimate weapon...
Aoi: A really terrifying child...
Lucas: This makes... no sense!?
Program Director: Well. It's unbelievable that his cooking had the power to make the entire judge team get transported away by an ambulance...
Program Director: Those idols of yours... truly terrifying.
Producer: I am sincerely sorry!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (6)
Program Director: No, it's fine. It was bad of me not to listen to the warnings previous to the performance.
Program Director: However, you saved me by quickly approving to change the feature too!
Producer: Ah, no. This time, it's with the help Lucas-kun's companions who also requested to prepare for that if the worst case happens...
Program Director: It's exactly because you know them well too, that you could move so quickly during an emergency.
Program Director: But suddenly changing that cooking program to a music program. I'm glad for this recording.
Producer: Yes... For that reason I declined a Live broadcasting from the beginning.
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (7)
Lucas: Fuh...
Noah: Despite after what had happened, you're having a refreshed face.
Lucas: Yes. Because I gave my best.
Rabi: ... I wonder if someone inspired Lucas to something?
Chaoyang: It, It wasn't me...!
Noah: Well, it's probably a guess. But that someone didn't come watch the performance.
Leon: I was on the verge between life and death you know? Rather than that, I want compliments on how well I did!
Lucas: ... That... I'm sorry, Leon.
Lucas: You were the first one who ate all of my cooking. That's why... Merci.
Leon: Hehe! I can't believe I'm getting thanked by Lucas!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (8)
Lucas: ... This time I have nothing but gratitude.
Leon: Alright! Somehow I started to feel really good, I'll play an extraordinary good performance!
Lucas: (For the first time I got to know the joy of having someone eat the meal I made with all my efforts.)
Lucas: (I'll make a new song too... However, as for now--!)
Lucas: I will convey my feelings to everyone who listens to this song! Joy... and gratitude!
Lucas: I will share this joy with everyone!!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (9)
Noah: I'm happy that Lucas seems happy but...
Rabi: Yes... He certainly has learned the charm of cooking.
Chaoyang: ... Terrifying.
Lucas: Leon! Make even more sound with your guitar!
Leon: Leave it to me!
Poison×Poisson Event 5 (10)
Lucas: Listen to our true sound!

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