Producer: It’s so already gotten so late. I’ll make sure everything’s locked and hurry home, too…
Producer: Hm…? Is that the sound of a guitar? I wonder who’s still sticking around.
Practice! Practice! 1 (1)
Leon: Ahh, man–! No matter how many times I do this, I can’t get it right… The music Lucas writes sure is tough.
Leon: Well, this is still a really cool piece, so it’s not like I’m complaining…
Leon: Dammit–! I’ve only got until the next time we get together to get this down perfe–
Producer: (Ah, he spotted me. Even though I was watching him pretty sneakily…)
Leon: Se-Sensei? How long have you been there?
Producer: I was thinking I’d head home, but then I heard a guitar, so I thought I’d try taking a quick look. Hence why I’m here now.
Producer: I’ve been thinking about this for a while, but you’re surprisingly serious about this, aren’t you, Leon-kun?
Practice! Practice! 1 (2)
Leon: Kinda harsh to say that, isn’t it? Sensei.
Producer: I guess it’s just because I only ever see the part of you that goes after girls?
Leon: I won’t deny that!
Producer: Please do deny it…
Producer: In any case, even though you’re always bickering with Lucas-kun, I suppose you praising his music like that means that you must not be on bad terms, after all.
Leon: There’s no way we wouldn’t get along.
Leon: It may not seem like it, but I really do approve of Lucas’ musical tastes!
Leon: I absolutely love Lucas’ compositions. So when we decided to form a band together, I was super excited.
Practice! Practice! 1 (3)
Leon: I mean, I’d be able to have a part in bringing that music to life.
Producer: Leon-kun, you really do love music. Come to think of it, weren’t you practicing on your guitar the first time we met?
Leon: Ahaha, you’ve got a good memory, Sensei. But of course I remember that, too.
Producer: I was a little relieved. Since you were always saying you were a ladies’ man, I didn’t think you had much interest in musi–
Leon: Of course not!
Producer: !!
Leon: I mean, of course I love girls, but music’s something different altogether!
Practice! Practice! 1 (4)
Leon: I’m not here based on some half-hearted feelings, Sensei.
Producer: (I wonder if this boy’s been practicing like this during every spare moment he gets.
Producer: He may seem to be directionless, but he’s genuinely serious when dealing with music.)
Producer: I see. Then I’d better get you to work harder, then.
Leon: Eh?
Producer: If there’s anything I can do, let me know!
Producer: It’s not as if this is a reward or anything, but… I feel like I’d like to do something for you. Is there something you’d like, Leon-kun?
Practice! Practice! 1 (5)
Leon: Really? Really really really? Sensei, you’re giving me a reward!?
Leon: If that’s the case, then I—
Leon: [Play] Want to do something forbidden with you, Sensei!
Producer: …Eh??


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