Producer: What did you say just now?
Practice! Practice! 2 (1)
Leon: That I want to do something forbidden with you.
Producer: Something forbidden?? Can you give me an example of what that would be…?
Leon: Like, making out in the nurse’s office, or making out in the gym’s storage building~
Producer: (Just what kind of examples is this kid giving while he counts them off on his fingers…!?)
Producer: I-I don’t think that I can grant that wish of yours…
Leon: Ehh–!? But I’ve always wanted to be in a situation like that with you, Sensei!
Producer: H-Hold on, Leon-kun? Why are you getting closer?
Leon: Because you’re running away, Sensei.
Producer: I’m just trying maintain a respectable distance between us.
Practice! Practice! 2 (2)
Leon: That so? Do we really have to stay this far apart?
Producer: I think we should get a little more space in between us to feel like we’re a teacher and a student at school.
Leon: It seems like this sort of thing is a uniquely Japanese custom, though I don’t really get it.
Leon: But come on, we should hold hands like this and have serious conversations every now and again~.
Leon: Ah, but as long as you say it’s okay, then it’s okay if we start making out now, isn’t it?
Leon: Doesn’t it make your heart pound to think that we’re all by ourselves in the school at night?
Producer: (~~Isn’t is obvious that I’m not going to..!?
Producer: What should I do…!?)
Practice! Practice! 2 (3)
Leon: Pfft, ahaha! Sensei, your face is bright red!
Producer: Eh?
Leon: It’s just like Noah said. You don’t have any experience with this sort of thing, do you, Sensei?
Producer: Are you making fun of me…?
Leon: Even though I really want to fool around, if you make a face like that, I can’t do anything.
Leon: Come on, I’ll leave my practicing where it is for today, so let’s go home.
Leon: I’ll walk you back to your house.
Leon: I’ll be fine. I’ve been out at this time many times before.
Producer: I’ll be fine. I’ve been out at this time many times before.
Practice! Practice! 2 (4)
Leon: Ahaha! Don’t be so guarded. Naturally, it’s my responsibility as an English gentleman to see a girl home!
Producer: Is that what this is…?
Leon: Uh-huh, yup! Come on, let’s get going!
Producer: (I get the feeling that he’s talking me into this, but…)
Leon: Hm-hm-hmm~ ♪
Producer: (He seems happy, so I guess it’s all right.)


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