Practice! Practice! 3 (1)
Leon: Ah, Producer. What’s up? You came to see me?
Producer: Only because all of the others are in the middle of recording, but we couldn’t find one of them.
Leon: I just had a little free time, is all.
Producer: And you thought you’d practice during that time?
Leon: Right as always, Producer!
Leon: Hehe, have you really been paying that much attention to me?
Producer: Seems so. I’ve come to understand the way you think a lot better.
Leon: Like how I think that you’re such a beautiful onee-sama?
Producer: Thanks for that.
Practice! Practice! 3 (2)
Leon: Ehh~! How cold~
Producer: Sigh–. Please think more about work and less about girls.
Leon: It’s no use, Producer. My entire identity is built on hitting on cute girls.
Producer: Can’t be helped, huh? In any case, how’s the music coming along?
Producer: You must have been doing more than just playing your guitar, as practice-crazy as you are, right?
Leon: To think you’d see through me so well~. But hey, that kind of stoic side of me is cool too, isn’t it?
Producer: Yeah, yeah, sure.
Leon: Why’re you just brushing me off like that~? Even though I love you so much.
Producer: I can’t give you a response to each and every one of these superfluous confessions.
Practice! Practice! 3 (3)
Leon: …Then, can I get serious about the way I feel?
Producer: !?
Leon: Hey, answer me, Producer…
Producer: Let’s see here…
Producer: If you know that you feel the same way about me as you do about your music, then I think I can let you do those forbidden things you mentioned earlier.
Leon: Eh…?
Producer: …If I said that to you, would you get even just a bit more serious?
Leon: Eh…?
Producer: …If I said that to you, would you get even just a bit more serious?
Leon: Eh, ah, ehh!? Wh-what, just now, was that a joke!?
Producer: Hmm, I wonder.
Practice! Practice! 3 (4)
Leon: Uuu… Sensei, you’re not playing fair!
Producer: (But no matter what I say, he’s still 17 years old. It seems like he’s got a lot of cute aspects to him, doesn’t he?)


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