Rabi's true nature 1 (1)
Rabi: Sensei!
Producer: Rabi-kun. What's up?
Rabi: Thank goodness, you're still at school. I have a favor to ask.
Producer: Favor? Well, if it's something I can do...
Rabi: I got a call from a music store that always helps me out and they said I can try out a new drum I wanted.
Rabi: If it's not too much trouble, would you mind going there with me?
Producer: A music store? Are you sure you want to go with me? I'm not very familiar with musical instruments though...
Rabi: If it's alright with you Sensei, I'd like to go with you. I'm planning something for the next recording.
Rabi: I want to hear a new opinion.
Producer: Alright. Wait just a bit, I have some bags to take care of first.
Rabi's true nature 1 (2)
Rabi: Then, how about we meet at the front entrance?
Producer: Got it. Alright, see you later.
Rabi: Ah, see ya.
Rabi's true nature 1 (3)
Rabi: Thanks for going out with me, even until this late.
Producer: No problem, it was really fun. There's lots of different kinds of drum sets too, huh?
Rabi: So you're interested now?
Producer: It just seems so complicated... even getting into it casually seems difficult.
Rabi: If you think of anything you want to know, I'll be responsible for teaching you 'til the very end.
Producer: Haha, that's reassuring.
Rabi: I think you understood this when you saw it today, but drum sets are different from instruments like guitars since they're made up of lots of different kinds of drums and cymbals.
Rabi: Even taking away away a snare individually can change the entire sound.
Rabi: That can also be said for all drums and cymbals.
Rabi: How you configure them can change a song's atmosphere too...
Rabi's true nature 1 (4)
Rabi: Ah! Sorry Sensei, I forgot I left something behind. Could you wait for me here?
Producer: That's unusual. You're always so levelheaded, Rabi-kun. Were you that absorbed thinking about drums?
Rabi: I just look levelheaded when I'm in front of those guys. Really, I'm just a fool for music.
Producer: Seems like it. I thought that when we together today too. That's just because you're still only a 17 year old boy.
Rabi: So you say I'm levelheaded, but then you're treating me like I'm still a kid? Well, when I was together with you I was really enjoying myself, so I guess I couldn't help you thinking that.
Producer: ...Rabi-kun?
Rabi's true nature 1 (5)
Rabi: Yeees, Sensei?
Producer: ...Even you say those sort of things, huh?
Rabi: I'm still only 17 after all.

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