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(Profile Story) Rabi

Oops my bad! You're so small that I didn't see you; my bad Producer!
Speaking of which, it's rare for a girl to be tall enough to see me eye to eye...
You remember right? I'm your I-chu— Rabi!
From here on out, we're going to aim to be top idols right?
I'd be happy if we get to know each other and get along.
Ah! That's right! More importantly, have you heard the demo for the new song?
I'd like to hear your opinion on it. Do you mind talking for a bit?
This is something we're proud of that we've put in all the things we want to do in it. If you praise us, we'd be really happy.

Initial R/RR I❤︎B's mediator
Second Batch R/RR Russian Language Homework
Initial SR/UR Rabi's true nature!?
Flower viewing SR/UR Soothing moment
Pool SR/UR Excuse to escape
Amusement Park SR/UR The warmth on the palm of the hand
Valentine's Day 2017 SR/UR Bitter desire to monopolize
Second Batch SR/UR Second home town
Pilot SR/UR Support from the shadows
Miraieigo SR/UR Putting my love in the ceramic art
Initial LE/GR As it is
Reading Week LE/GR Time for the two
1st Anniversary LE/GR You're not enough
BAD BOY! BAD DAY! LE/GR Bad Boy! Bad Day!
Circus LE/GR Rabirabi's incarnation?!
New Year LE/GR Kind tolerance
TOYBOX LE/GR Good night big bro
2nd Anniversary LE/GR Memories of the starry sky
Lullaby of ice LE/GR Lullaby of Ice
X'mas 2017 LE/GR Christmas of lovers
Chinese Zodiac LE/GR Hidden feelings and snowy landscape
Kaze no ashiato, kazaguruma LE/GR Footprints of the wind, windmill