Noah Twitter Icon
Rabi, we always put you into a lot of trouble. We can rest assured at your side.
Leon Twitter Icon
Rabi! Sorry for always relying on you! Thank you!
Lucas Twitter Icon
I'm always indebted to you, Rabi. I'd like to rely on you in the future too.
Li Qiaoyan Twitter Icon
I'm always getting help from Rabi-san... Thank you!

What do you think is your selling point as an idol?
I wonder if my selling point is that I'm good at the drums. Since I'm tall I also often get work as a model.

If you had to describe your type of woman?
I like polite women. I think it's great that Japanese people are polite in general.

Your favorite saying (or motto)?
It's "двум смертям не бывать, а одной не миновать". (One cannot die twice.)

If one day you became one of the other I-chu's, who would you want to become?
Let's see... I'm interested in clay pigeon shooting, so I'd like to become Runa.

If you didn't aim to become an idol, then what would you have become?
If I wouldn't have rehabilitated I'd surely do nothing but fighting... No! I think I would still play the drums!

Someone you respect (admire)?
It's Tchaikovsky. All his compositions are wonderful. The Nutcracker is famous.

Someone that took your interest? (someone you consider a rival)
Maybe Issei. Tsubaki also seems to be strong in fights. Some time... I'd like to have a match against them.

What do you do on your days off?
Going to the gym and reading books. I guess I also mediate between Leon and Lucas' fights...

The reason why you wanted to become an idol?
When I was in Russia, we talked in social networks about forming a band. After that the president invited me.

The music genre you listen a lot to?
I like metal. Back in my home I'd always turn up the speakers really loudly to listen to it, but since Chaoyang gets scared I can't do that now.

The thing you're aiming the most to now?
I want to go through Japan on a motorcycle. I want to see the colors of the autumn landscape.

Something that recently made you happy?
Chaoyang's been trying to convey his thoughts more properly. I have to watch how he developes.

A moment that you enjoyed(found funny)?
The job covering material arts was really fun. A heated match like that made my blood bo... No, it's nothing.

Since we're here can you tell one secret about your unit's members?
When I walked out of the bath with my hair being disheveled, Noah mistook me for a ghost. He has a cute side too, right?

A word that represents your team?
How does "refreshing" sound? All our songs are refreshing I think.

Something you would say to your fans?
Thank you for always supporting us. We'll work hard from now on to make everyone happy.

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