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Do you know about Russia? Play
Seiya Aah Russia is another cold-looking place… I would never live there…. Play
Kanata Matryoshkas are cute! They come out, like, clippity-clop! Play
Akira Piroshki is delicious isn't it? Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Cossack dance is difficult... Play
Mutsuki I'm really interested in Russian home cooking. Play
Noah I think the ice that forms in Lake Baikal during winter has a mystical aura. Play
Leon I want to eat beef stroganoff! Play
Chaoyang All Russian cooking looks delicious. Play
Lucas It's the land where Dostoyevsky lived… Play
Torahiko I'd like to visit the Golden Ring that was designated as World Heritage! Play
Kyosuke I'd love to have an matryoshka doll! I also want to try drawing it. Play
Akio I'd like to see Russian church's stained glasses... Play
Shiki It's full of beautiful women. Play
Hikaru I want to go see their ballet performance and use their beauty as reference! Play
Raku I heard that their liquor is delicious. I'd like to take a sip of it. Play
Kokoro Their ballerinas are cute! Play
Runa I think that the expression on matryoshkas are lovely. Play
Momosuke It has an image of owning strong soldiers... Play
Issei A cold country, right? Don't give me academical-sorta questions! Play
Futami Is there a kotatsu in Russia? You're not troubled without one? Play
Takamichi I remember Futami has a Nama-chan matryoshka... Play
Eva Even a cold country wouldn't be able to rival my might. Mio... Prepare the warm water. Play
Mio It has an image of having lots of white people~♪ Play
Ban Seems like we can make lots of snowmen there! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki I don't want to go to such a cold country. Play
Toya I heard that it's cold there, but I wonder how cold it actually is? Play
Tatsumi I think I once received something called grandpa dryad[1] as a souvenir. Play
Aoi Do you know about Blini? It's like a very thin pancake. Play
Kuro Cold...... That's all. Play
Saku Well, there is no Producer-chan in Russia? Play
Baber Cold....... Cold...... No way, I will die...... Play

Who is the historical figure that you respect? Mine is Tchaikovsky Play
Seiya I incredibly respect Tsubaki-san so much! Play
Kanata Mine is Fujiwara no Kiyosuke. He wrote about a frog-shaped origami in his book. Play
Akira Hijikata Toshizou. I like the Shinsengumi. Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki Chaplin is interesting, isn't he? Play
Mutsuki Jiang Ziya. But instead of fishing, I prefer sleeping. Play
Noah Lincoln is a person that deserves respect. Play
Leon John Lennon! Play
Chaoyang I look up to Zhuge Liang. Play
Lucas I respect Fyodor Dostoyevsky. Play
Torahiko Picasso is an incredible guy! I want to draw those kind of pictures too! Play
Kyosuke I respect all successive mangakas! Play
Akio Nasu no Yoichi is cool… Play
Shiki Hikaru Genji is a smart and elegant man and I respect him for that. Play
Hikaru Cleopatra who had a peerless beauty! Play
Raku Sen no Rikyuu. Play
Kokoro Marie Antoinette maybe? Play
Runa Speaking of, Takeda Shingen will remind you of Furinkazan[2]. I respected him. Play
Momosuke Florence Nightingale! I admire people who can be kind to anyone without exception! Play
Issei Oda Nobunaga. The man who once ruled the whole country, right? I knew that much. Play
Futami Mmm, there isn't anyone special... Play
Takamichi Kuroda Kanbei! He was well-known as a tactician. Play
Eva I don't know his face, but I believed that my father was a great demon king! Play
Mio I don't have anyone that I respect aside from Master! Play
Ban Rikishi is the one I respect. I need to eat as much as he does~ Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki Sakamoto Ryouma. I admire his desire to better the country. Play
Toya I like Sei Shonagon's Pillow Book. You know, the one with the line 'in spring it is the dawn that is most beautiful'. Play
Tatsumi Matsuo Basho! He also traveled all over the country, which makes him my senior! Play
Aoi Okita Souji. He's good looking and excels in swordsmanship, I can't help but respect him. Play
Kuro Edison. Even though he failed many times, his spirit is worthy of respect. Play
Saku Hideyo Noguchi. He seems to be a similar kind of person to me. Play
Baber Eva-sama is cool! Huh? Eva-sama is no good? Play

What's your height in centimeters? Mine is 182 cm Play
Seiya 178 cm! Play
Kanata 162 cm! Play
Akira 183 cm. I'm a tall person right? Play
Twinkle Bell
Satsuki 172 cm! Play
Mutsuki 172 cm. Play
Noah 175 cm. Play
Leon 176 cm. Unexpected right? Play
Chaoyang 167 cm. Play
Lucas 180 cm. Play
Torahiko 179 cm! Play
Kyosuke 171 cm. Play
Akio 168 cm… I'm not as small as I look. Play
Shiki 181 cm. Reasonably tall. Play
Hikaru 174 cm! Play
Raku 176 cm. Play
Kokoro 156 cm! Play
Runa 159 cm. I'm much taller than Kokoro and Momo. Play
Momosuke 154 cm. Maybe I'm the smallest out of all I-Chu... Play
Issei 187 cm. It seems I got my height from my father…. Play
Futami 185 cm. A surprisingly tall height, right? Play
Takamichi 180 cm. Even though I'm shorter than Issei and Futami, I'm a tall person too! Play
Eva Though I'm 160 cm, this is just my temporary body. My real form is much more larger! Play
Mio 163 cm. Play
Ban 165 cm. Master was angry and told me not to grow even taller! Play
Tenjyou Tenge
Tsubaki 186 cm. I'm quite tall for our standard. Play
Toya 175 cm. Play
Tatsumi 183 cm. I wonder if I can get a bit more taller? Play
Aoi 176 cm. Play
Kuro 178cm. I'm not small! It's the other two that are tall! Play
Saku 181cm. During lives, I can see well, even from the back. Play
Baber 190cm, Baber is huge~ Play

Notes Edit

  1. Referring to the woodcraft where it has the face of a grandpa carved on a wood. Photos
  2. Furinkazan on wikipedia.

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