Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (1)
Kokoro: (Even though we’re having an important tour… I can’t seem to do it well)
Kokoro: (Even though things like this have never happened when I was working alone)
Kokoro: (… It irritates me)
Momosuke: …Kokoro-chan?
Kokoro: …Yes, Momo?
Momosuke: Are you in a bad condition?
Kokoro: Bad condition? Me? How could that be possible?
Kokoro: Momo does not have to worry about me, but just worry about yourself.
Runa: ...
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan…
Kokoro: Momo, your reply?
Momosuke: …Yes. I’m sorry, Kokoro-chan.
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (2)
Kokoro: You don’t have to apologise. It’s a crucial period for us now, with the tour happening soon. Let’s work hard together.
Momosuke: Yes...
Kokoro: (Ahh… Even though I shouldn’t be spending time on other things now… I have to be stronger…)
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (3)
Kokoro: …I’m thinking of matching our steps together, is that fine?
Runa: Is it okay to match it after a bit more of self practice?
Kokoro: Why?
Runa: …There’s a few parts I’m uncertain of.
Kokoro: It’s better to have a few parts you’re uncertain of. We’re gonna match the 3 of our moves, as long as we adjust it from now on it’ll be fine.
Runa: But...
Kokoro: Momo is alright with it too?
Momosuke: Y-yes! I have already practiced a lot at home in order to improve from yesterday, so I’m fine.
Kokoro: Then let’s begin.
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (4)
Kokoro: Stop, stop! Let’s do this part again.
Momosuke: Yes!
Runa: Momo, your entrance is a little slow.
Momosuke: The move before the chorus? No matter how many times I try I just can’t get it right…
Kokoro: It’s because you’re only relying on counting beats, if you listen to the music more you’ll be able to do it.
Momosuke: Y-yes. Sorry, Kokoro-chan. Please do it again.
Kokoro: Then I’ll start the music around B-melody. Take note of it this time.
Momosuke: Yes. I’ll try my best.
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (5)
Momosuke: Whaa…!?
Runa: Momo! Are you all right?
Momosuke: Yes. I kind of slipped. Ahaha…
Runa: Haa… It’s great that you didn’t get injur-
Kokoro: Take this seriously, Momo.
Momosuke: Ko-kokoro-chan…
Kokoro: We’ve already been practicing this part for 3 days? When can we finally move on?
Runa: Kokoro, Momo is already trying his best so putting it that way is-
Kokoro: Doing his best is a given! If he’s already trying his best, and not getting results, there’s no point!
Kokoro: Hey, do you understand? If it’s like this, the concert might just be a failure.
Momosuke: I-I’m sorry. I’ll work even harder so please don’t get angry, Kokoro-chan…
Kokoro: You’re working hard because you don’t want me to be angry? I don’t want to practice with someone with such low awareness-
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (6)
Runa: Stop it at that, Kokoro!
Kokoro: !?
Runa: I won’t forgive anything more than that.
Momosuke: Runa-chan...
Kokoro: …What… What is this!
Runa: That’s our line.
Runa: I have no idea why you’re being anxious alone, but stop directing it at Momo.
Kokoro: Directing it at him? I’m just speaking the truth-
Runa: If you really think that way, then I’ve misjudged you.
Kokoro: …! What, are you saying Kokoro is wrong? Even though you have no idea how I feel…
Runa: Even though you’re ignoring Momo’s feelings, aren’t you?
Kokoro: !!
Kokoro: …What do you mean.
Kokoro: Whatever. I don’t care about the two of you! Just do whatever you please.
Kokoro: We’ll practice on our own from today onwards. Until we’re satisfied with our own dance, we won’t be matching them.
Kokoro: With that, you’re fine, right?
Rainy×2 Shiny 3 (7)
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan…!
Momosuke: …Runa-chan, what should I do… Because of M-Momo… Because of Momo…
Runa: It’s fine, it’s not because of Momo. Let’s take a break okay? Come on, drink some water and calm yourself down.
Momosuke: O-okay…
Runa: Kokoro...


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