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Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (1)
Kokoro: (…I ran out without thinking… What Runa said was right. I was irritated, and directed it at Momo… Really, I’m an idiot…)
Kokoro: (…Ah, damn. How should I apologise? I said such terrible things, I probably won’t be forgiven…)
Kokoro: (For someone like me who has been alone all along, making friends is impossible…)
[Door opens]
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (2)
Seiya: Eh? Kokoro? What are you doing here alone?
Kokoro: ! Seiya! Why does it have to be you at this timing…
Kokoro: Hurry up and go elsewhere, idiot!
Seiya: Calling me an idiot too~ !? K-Kokoro? Have you been crying?
Kokoro: …I haven’t been crying!
Seiya: Nah, you’re definitely crying? Did someone bully you?
Kokoro: I haven’t been bullied! Rather, I’m the one who did something mean…
Seiya: Ah, I see! It makes sense when you say it. There’s no way Kokoro will get bullied! Ahaha!
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (3)
Kokoro: ! Shut up shut up shut uuuup!! What’s wrong with you! Just leave Kokoro alone and go somewhere else!
Seiya: …There’s no way I can leave someone who’s crying alone? Rely on me a little, Kokoro.
Kokoro: Seiya...
Seiya: Your eyes will be swollen, so wipe your tears.
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (4)
Kokoro: Wait!? Don’t wipe my eyes with your sleeves! Don’t you at least own a handkerchief!?
Seiya: Ah, sorry. I don’t own one. I’ll go buy it now- Wait, I can’t just leave Kokoro alone either~
Seiya: Right! Lend me Kokoro’s handkerchief! With that, I’ll wipe your tears for you!
Kokoro: …Are you really an idiot? I’d have wiped them myself if I was gonna use my own handkerchief.
Seiya: I see. Even Kokoro doesn’t bring a handkerchief along with him!
Kokoro: ~~!! I don’t mean it that way, you idiot Seiya! I do own a handkerchief, look!
Seiya: Is that so? But isn’t it because Kokoro’s putting it in a misleading way?
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (5)
Kokoro: Guys who can’t understand a girl’s heart won’t be popular!
Seiya: Kokoro is a guy, right?
Kokoro: Kokoro is a girl!
Seiya: Only Kokoro?
Kokoro: ~? Idiot! Idiot idiot idiot! You’re really a guy without delicacy~!
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (6)
Seiya: It hurts! I’m, I’m sorry~! But I’m glad you’ve returned to the usual Kokoro.
Kokoro: Eh?
Seiya: Your tears… have stopped.
Kokoro: It’s true… My tears have stopped since talking to Seiya, somehow.
Seiya: Hey, Kokoro. You don’t have to be working hard all alone. If you don’t mind, talk to me about your troubles.
Kokoro: …Just for today.
Kokoro: (I’ll be a weak Kokoro just for today. After I’m done talking I’ll revert to the strong Kokoro like always…)
Seiya: Yeah!
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (7)
Kokoro: Actually… I said mean things to Momo. Even though we practiced, we just can’t do it.
Kokoro: Then, Runa got very mad at me… That’s why I ran out of class and am here.
Seiya: So that’s why you were crying here…
Kokoro: That’s right. I thought that I’d be fine being alone forever. And that crowding together is for weaklings…
Kokoro: But, having seen you guys made me think that having friends is a good thing too. …And I was happy that Runa and Momo became a group together with me.
Kokoro: But, But… Things that I could do alone became harder with three of us. It’s the same for this incident too.
Kokoro: I wanted to show the two of them the best scenery ever, by making the live a success.
Kokoro: For that, as a senior in the group, I thought that I had to pull them along by working harder than anyone else.
Kokoro: Even though I thought that, when things wouldn’t go my way I got irritated, hurt Momo and made Runa angry… I can’t do anything right.
Kokoro: If I know things would turn out like this… It would have been better if I was alone I guess…
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (8)
Seiya: …No way.
Kokoro: Eh?
Seiya: I don’t want Kokoro to be alone again!
Kokoro: Ha… Huh?? What are you saying?
Seiya: I have always thought that Kokoro was amazing even when he was alone. You could fire up the crowd even when you were alone on the stage.
Seiya: Even the fans were all swooning and kneeling down for you, and your solo was the best.
Seiya: I thought it was amazing to have created a stage which only Kokoro could have!
Seiya: But, I have already known… Kokoro’s smile when he’s with his friends.
Kokoro: My smile?
Seiya: Yup! Kokoro has the cutest and most suitable smile for your age, when you’re talking to Momosuke and Runa.
Rainy×2 Shiny 4 (9)
Kokoro: ! ~~Wha-what are you saying!
Seiya: It’s not just me. I’m sure Kokoro’s fans are all thinking the same thing!
Seiya: That’s why, show us. POP'N STAR’s five city tour!
Seiya: I’ll definitely be there to see it! To see Kokoro’s smile!
Kokoro: …Indeed, the likes of you.
Kokoro: I have no choice. If Kokoro’s fans are wishing for that, I can only move ahead.
Kokoro: I’ll properly apologise. Which is why, you have to come to Kokoro’s tour!
Seiya: Sure! Work hard, Kokoro! I’m rooting for you!


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