Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (1)
Kokoro: I wonder if Runa and Momo will forgive me…
Kokoro: (Although I said that I will apologise, it is still scary… Maybe they’ve left already…)
Runa: One, two, three, four!
Kokoro: ! That voice, Runa…?
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (2)
Runa: Yes. Momo, you’ve improved from just now.
Momosuke: Really!? Great! But I still have to work even harder.
Momosuke: I have to get better, even a little, in Kokoro-chan’s absence, so that he will be able to return whenever.
Runa: Yes, that’s right. It’s the same for me. …If I think about it, I have been letting Kokoro shoulder everything alone until now.
Runa: I have been unconsciously relying too much on him, even though he is one with great leadership skills and leading us ahead.
Momosuke: Yes. But, we can’t just be pulled along by Kokoro forever.
Momosuke: Momo wants to be on the same line with Kokoro-chan, and move forward together!
Runa: I’ll also not let Kokoro shoulder everything by himself from now on. Good times and bad times, we have to share it with the three of us…
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (3)
Runa: After all, us three makes up POP'N STAR!
Kokoro: ...!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (4)
Kokoro: Runa! Momo!
Momosuke: Ah! K-Kokoro-chan…
Runa: Kokoro… Erm, Kokoro, I have said some mean things just-
Kokoro: I’m sorry!
Momosuke: K-Kokoro-chan.
Kokoro: I have hurt the two of you, because of me trying my best to make the tour a success and being anxious by myself…
Kokoro: I was afraid that I might be alone again, if I failed and that made Runa and Momo not want to be idols anymore.
Kokoro: Everything, was my own willfulness. My feelings manipulated the two of you. Really, I’m sorry…
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (5)
Runa & Momo: ...
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan, raise your head…?
Runa: The one who has to apologise is us.
Kokoro: … Momo, Runa…
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan, Momo was scared too. What should I do if I was always useless, and Kokoro-chan didn’t need me anymore.
Runa: It’s the same for me. I was always thinking if I made Kokoro feel lonely, if I was getting close to Kokoro’s feelings, even though I was always beside you.
Runa: But, it’s wrong. Even though I swore to not let Kokoro be alone, I made Kokoro run alone ahead of me.
Runa: Kokoro, if you would forgive us, and let us run along beside you, could we restart right from the beginning?
Momosuke: Momo will also work hard in order to be running beside Kokoro-chan. I want to see the best scenery together with Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: Runa, Momo… Yes! Thank you…!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (6)
Kokoro: I… want to stand together on stage with Runa and Momo!
Runa: Yes! Of course!
Momosuke: Yes! Momo feels the same too, Kokoro-chan!
Kokoro: …I have never known what it’s like to share your joy and sadness…
Kokoro: Friends… It’s great that Runa and Momo are my friends.
Runa: Fufu. Now that we’ve made up, let’s get back on track on what we missed!
Momosuke: Kokoro-chan! I could dance the part I couldn’t just now! I want you to witness it!
Kokoro: Yes, of course! Let’s make it a success, with the three of us!
Runa & Momo: Yes-!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (7)
Kokoro: Finally, it’s the concert.
Momosuke: Uuuu… I’m nervous.
Runa: Momo, it’s all right. Your practice will definitely not betray you. If you’re still unsure, look beside you. We’re here.
Momosuke: Yes! Momo has Kokoro-chan and Runa-chan together with him! Nothing else is scary!
Producer: Fufu, until today, the three of you have practiced a lot. I’m really looking forward to your performance.
Kokoro: Fufun ♪ Today’s concert is different from the past! Look forward to it more than ever!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (8)
Toshiyuki Ryugu: Good morning. Kokoro-chan, I’m looking forward to today.
Kokoro: Ara, isn’t it Ryugu. Thank you.
Toshiyuki Ryugu: I went to see the venue before coming here. You’ll be standing on such a big stage.
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (9)
Toshiyuki Ryugu: Even though Kokoro-chan is only two years older… You’re amazing.
Toshiyuki Ryugu: …I wonder if me and my brothers could also stand on such a huge stage like Kokoro-chan and others.
Kokoro: Isn’t that up to Ryugu and your brother's hard work?
Kokoro: If you work very very hard everyday, you might make it come true.
Kokoro: But Ryugu has your brothers as your comrades. Comrades whom you can share good and tough times with.
Kokoro: That’s why, treat them importantly and move forward together. With that, you’ll definitely be able to do it! Kokoro guarantees it!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (10)
Toshiyuki Ryugu: ...
Runa & Momo: ...
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (11)
Kokoro: Wha-what! Why is everyone suddenly quiet!
Momosuke: Kokoro-chaaaan…!
Kokoro: Hey Momo! Why are you crying right before the concert!
Runa: For us to hear such words from Kokoro… You have grown.
Producer: Yes. Even I’m touched.
Kokoro: Enough! What did everyone think of Kokoro!
Kokoro: Huh… Producer, and Ryugu. Please witness today’s concert properly.
Producer: Witnessing?
Kokoro: Today will be our new starting line.
Kokoro: POP'N STAR is going to make a new step forward from today onwards. A grand first step. I’ll name the both of you as our witness.
Kokoro: Have that engraved deep in your heart!
Kokoro: Let’s go, Runa, Momo!
Runa: Yes!
Momosuke: Yeah!
Toshiyuki Ryugu: …Kokoro-chan, looks really happy.
Producer: Yes. He was wonderful before, but the Kokoro now is even more wonderful!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (12)
Kokoro: Welcome to the newly formed POP'N STAR’s live today!
Kokoro: Fans who’ve followed Kokoro all along, as well as fans who’ve came to meet the newly joined Runa and Momo!
Kokoro: We’ll make everyone happy without leaving anyone out, so be prepared ♪
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (13)
Kokoro: Because everyone loves and supports us a lot, we are able to make this concert tour come true!
Kokoro: Really, thank you!
Kokoro: From now on, we will make sure to keep being loved by everyone. So-
Kokoro: From now on, until we become adults, like us forever and ever! It’s a promise!
Kokoro: Fufu, good response! A full 100 points! A reward from us to you!
Kokoro: We’re gonna do the usual! Are Runa and Momo ready as well?
Runa: Yes!
Momosuke: I’m fine~!
Kokoro: Fufu! Then let’s do it!
Kokoro: To Kokoro!
Runa: And Runa!
Momosuke: And Momo!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (14)
POP'N STAR: Please kneel dow~n!
Fans: As you wish~!!
Seiya: As you wish~!!
Seiya: Hehe! Kokoro’s smile is a full 100 points too!
Rainy×2 Shiny 5 (15)
Kokoro: Idiot Seiya… He’s really here to watch…
Kokoro: Kokoro’s smile today is for everyone’s sake!
Kokoro: Kokoro will make every single fan be sparkly and smiling just like Kokoro so be prepared ♪


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